Inside the BARN Affiliates

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Join me  on select BARN Affiliate Radio Stations for “Inside the BARN” which will focus on the week’s top agriculture news, and include in-depth interviews as well as detail recent & upcoming agriculture events from around the region, state & nation.

“Inside the BARN with Brian Allmer” OnAir, OnLine & OnDemand Weekly on:

AM 1310 KFKA of Greeley, Saturdays @ 7:30am

AM 1010 KSIR of Ft Morgan, Sundays @ 7am

FM 94.5 KCGC of Merino, Sundays @ 8am

FM 100.1 KRFD of Crook, Sundays @ 8am

AM 740 KVFC of Cortez Sundays @ 11:30am

FM 105.7 KVAY of Lamar, Saturdays @ 6am

KUBC AM 580 – Montrose

High Plains Media of Limon, CO anytime…

& can be made available for other radio stations too…

Simply drop me an email for details