08-10-15 CSU Ext Golden Plains Area: Seed Treatments Strongly Recommended for the Wheat Crop…

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As the wheat planting season approaches, it is recommended that growers treat seed with a fungicide before planting.  Seed treatments control seed-transmitted diseases that lower yield and grain quality.  These diseases include common bunt (also known as stinking smut) and loose smut. Continue reading

04-06-15 CSU Ext Golden Plains Area: Check out Kit Carson County’s Newest Weather Station!

CSU Extension Golden Plains Area logoCSU Ron Meyer Weather Station 040615Pictured is Colorado State University’s Extension Agent, Ron Meyer alongside a rebuilt Campbell Scientific weather station. The station is located south of Seibert and will be named Seibert 1.  The new station is part of CSU’s Colorado Agricultural Meteorology network (CoAgMet) and is supported by local private funding.  The station is part of a team of 4 weather stations located within Kit Carson County.  To access weather data generated from this pool of stations go to: coagmet.com and access monthly summaries.