12-09-19 Inside The BARN with former CO Senator Greg Brophy…

Inside The BARN with former CO Senator Greg Brophy…

The BARN, Briggsdale, CO – December 9, 2019 – Joining the Colorado Ag News Network and FarmCast Radio at this time is former Colorado State Senator and former CO Gubernatorial candidate Greg Brophy discussing several topics including:

  • His Background on the farm & in Colorado Politics
  • Recent passing of CO Representative Kimmie Lewis – Memorial Info
  • 2019 Failure of a bill  for temporary exemption from business personal property tax for equipment used to manufacture wind towers on site.
  • Brophy’s thoughts on Trade: Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, USMCA, China Trade War
  • What are some of the bills Brophy thinks will be introduced in the 2020 Colorado Legislative Session (Public Health Insurance Option, Family Act, Education Spending, Prop CC failed – Transportation Infrastructure Funding, Prop DD passed – CO Water Plan, Gun control bills)
  • Final thoughts & More