10-17-19 RMFU: Farmers Union Board Supports Yes Votes On Propositions CC and DD

RMFU: Farmers Union Board Supports Yes Votes On Propositions CC & DD

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union’s Board of Directors is advocating for “Yes” votes on both Proposition CC and Proposition DD as presented to Colorado voters. The board, comprised of farmers and ranchers from across Colorado, discussed at length the ballot proposals before taking the action.

“After the last great recession, Colorado rebounded faster than other states in part because we have a well-trained workforce. Colorado’s students, teachers, and schools cannot fall behind due to shortcomings in funding for local education. We can do better and need to for the sake of building our state’s future economic and social health. Currently, at least 39 other states are better at funding education than we are,” says Dr. Dale McCall, president of RMFU.

“Colorado is falling behind in maintaining roads and other rural infrastructure critical to the essential businesses of farming and ranching,” says Jan Kochis, who chairs the RMFU board.  “The bottom line is that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) has restricted income for the state and subsequently reduced the revenue necessary to adequately and intelligently fix problems that will get worse in time.”

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10-17-19 The BARN’s “Colorado Women in Agriculture Series”, courtesy of CommonGround: Colleen Peppler

The BARN’s “Colorado Women in Agriculture Series”, courtesy of CommonGround: Coleen Peppler

BRIGGSDALE, CO – October 17, 2019 – Women continue to change the face of many industries, including agriculture. Through managing harvests, running the business and implementing new technologies, like: wind power and using RFID in the tracking of dairy cows for instance. Women are on the front lines – feeding our nation and the world. Many may be surprised to learn that women farmers make up 37 percent of Colorado’s producers. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture there are 21,443 women farmers in Colorado, who farm more than 13 million acres, making a nearly $285 million impact on the economy. There is a group of women farmers here in Colorado that are dedicated to sharing their personal experiences, science and research to help consumers sort through the growing number of myths and misinformation surrounding food and farming. The BARN continues with its “Women in Agriculture” series spotlighting two more CommonGround Colorado women which include:

Colleen Peppler (Oct 17th) & Sallie Miller (Oct 10th)

They both do this important work as volunteers with CommonGround Colorado –www.FindOurCommonGround.com– a national grassroots movement designed to help bridge the gap between the women who grow food and the women who buy it.

The first interview of the two interviews, within the  BARN’s “Women in Ag Series” is  Colleen Peppler of Mead, Colorado.…


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