03-19-19 NCGA: CommonGround Volunteers Spotlight Farming at “Empower and Light” Conference


NCGA: CommonGround Volunteers Spotlight Farming at “Empower and Light” Conference

Farm women volunteers involved in the CommonGround outreach program, along with state and national staff met in Kansas City, Mo., to share their experiences with the program and welcome new members earlier this week. Over the course of three days, the participants worked intensively to gain insight into consumer questions and hone the skills that they use to share their personal story and that of modern farming with urban and suburban moms.
In addition to social media training and panels focused on consumer questions, the volunteers hosted an event for women from the Kansas City area focused on food discussions. From entering through an exhibit designed to provoke thoughts on what sources they turn to for information to a closing panel discussion featuring volunteers, a local lifestyle blogger and a dietitian, the evening sparked conversations and built relationships to bridge the divide from the field to fork. Continue reading

03-13-19 CFVGA Offering Food Safety Training

Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association Offers Food Safety Training

Two Opportunities to Fulfill FSMA Requirements: April 4-Colo. Springs, April 9-Greeley
Food Safety Plan Writing Workshop March 18
MARCH 13, 2019 – The Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association (CFVGA) has partnered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Colorado State University and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union to provide Produce Safety Alliance courses that satisfy the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule requirement. Two grower training opportunities remain prior to growing season, April 4 in Colorado Springs and April 9 in Greeley.
“This training provides valuable food safety information to Colorado produce growers,” said Glenn Hirakata, Hirakata Farms, Rocky Ford, Colo., who chairs CFVGA’s Food Safety Committee. “In addition, for many farms, this or an equivalent course is required under the new FSMA rules.” Continue reading

03-19-19 USDA Outlines Eligibility for 2019 Supplemental Coverage Option Regarding Elections for Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage

USDA Outlines Eligibility for 2019 Supplemental Coverage Option Regarding Elections for Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage

WASHINGTON, March 13, 2019 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) announced this week that producers who purchased or plan to purchase the 2019 Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) policy should report Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) election intentions to their crop insurance agent by March 15, 2019, or the acreage reporting date, whichever is later. Continue reading

03-13-19 Red Angus Chooses National Western Stock Show as Permanent Home for National Show

Red Angus Chooses National Western Stock Show as Permanent Home for National Show

DENVER – Red Angus enthusiasts can plan to be in Denver the first week of January for many years to come, thanks to the Red Angus Association of America’s Board of Directors’ decision to make the National Western Stock Show the permanent home for the National Red Angus Open Show.

The decision was made at the January board meeting, held in conjunction with the NWSS, and was based on many years of increasing attendance and entries at the prestigious stock show. Moving forward, the NWSS will host the National Red Angus Open Show while the National Red Angus Junior Show will continue its rotation to various sites.

“The RAAA Board’s decision to make the NWSS the permanent home of our national open show was logical, because of its central location, growth in the number of cattle shown there each year, and it’s close to our national office as well,” said Tom Brink, Red Angus CEO. Continue reading

03-13-19 Inside the RMFU with President Dr. Dale McCall

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Inside the RMFU with President Dr. Dale McCall

BRIGGSDALE, CO – March 13, 2019 – Joining the Colorado Ag News Network & FarmCast Radio is Dr Dale McCall, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union President, discussing several topics pertinent to RMFU members and the ag industry, including:

031319_RMFU-DrDaleMcCall_14m30s Continue reading

03-19-19 Inside Colorado Wheat with CSU Extension & CSU Crops Testing’s Dr Jerry Johnson…

Inside Colorado Wheat with CSU Extension & CSU Crops Testing’s Dr Jerry Johnson…

BRIGGSDALE, CO March 13, 2019 Dr Jerry Johnson, CSU Extension Specialist- Crops Testing Leader Professor discusses several topics within an exclusive interview with BARN Media…

031319_CoWheat_DrJerryJohnson_16m13s Continue reading

03-13-19 Bureau of Land Management offers new incentives to encourage more adoptions of wild horses and burros

Bureau of Land Management offers new incentives to encourage more adoptions of wild horses and burros

WASHINGTON – As part of the Bureau of Land Management’s effort to find good homes for wild horses and burros removed from public lands, the agency today began offering new financial incentives to encourage qualified people to adopt one or more of the animals. The incentives are being implemented to step up placement efforts and confront the growing overpopulation of wild horses and burros on fragile rangelands and in off-range holding facilities, which cost taxpayers nearly $50 million every year to maintain.
“We understand that adopting a wild horse or burro represents a commitment. The incentive is designed to help the adopter cover all or most of the initial costs for training and providing humane care up to the time of receiving title,” said BLM Deputy Director Brian Steed. “I urge anyone who has considered adopting a wild horse or burro to join the thousands of owners who have provided good homes to more than 245,000 wild horses or burros since 1971.”

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01-22-19 CSU Water in the West Symposium poised to address challenges, showcase solutions

CSU Water in the West Symposium poised to address challenges, showcase solutions

Denver, Colo. – Colorado State University will host its second annual Water in the West Symposium on March 13-14, 2019, at Gaylord Rockies, to convene diverse experts and thought leaders to highlight solutions and collaborate on one of the greatest global issues: water.

The inaugural Symposium in 2018 sold out with 35 speakers from across the country and more than 400 diverse water stakeholders, ranging from recreation and environment to business and agriculture.

“Colorado State University is in the perfect position to act as a convener around the issue of water,” said former Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, an advisor to CSU on the National Western Center project in north Denver. “As we focus on solutions and problem-solving around water issues at this event, we want everyone at the table to be part of this critical conversation for an issue that impacts everyone, regardless of where they live.” Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Wednesday, March 13th

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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Wednesday, March 13th

EPA Releases Year-round E15 Rule

The Trump Administration Tuesday released its proposal to allow for year-round E15 sales. The proposal would remove a barrier that limited the year-round sales, while also making changes to credits refiners use to prove they are using biofuel. In a news release, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler stated, “EPA is working to propose and finalize these changes by the summer driving season,” which starts June first and is also the date when E15 sales are restricted. The proposal would provide a Reid Vapor Pressure waiver for the summer months that has historically been applied only to E10. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor called the rule a “critical milestone.” However, proposed changes to the RIN market are questioned by the industry. While many are still reviewing the proposal, Skor says Growth Energy wants to make sure that changes “do not upend the marketplace, and continue to encourage investment in E15 and other higher ethanol blends.” Before finalizing the rule, EPA will now accept comments from biofuel producers, farmers, and other stakeholders.

NASDA Disappointed with Trump Budget Proposal

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture expressed disappointment this week in the content of President Trump’s budget proposal. NASDA CEO Barbara Glenn says the budget request would “negatively impact agriculture, particularly at a time when many in agriculture are facing a serious economic downturn.” NASDA expects Congress to ensure the programs agriculture needs, including those within the Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are adequately funded. The budget includes cuts to crop insurance and other programs. However, one positive thread throughout the budget, according to NASDA, was the theme of cooperative federalism, particularly in the realm of food safety. The proposal called for a $16 million increase in funding to advance implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act with a specific focus on cooperative agreements. NASDA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit association which represents the elected and appointed commissioners, secretaries, and directors of the departments of agriculture in all fifty states and four U.S. territories.

Secretary Perdue Announces Smaller List for ERS and NIFA Relocation Spots

The Department of Agriculture Tuesday published a narrowed list of potential site relocations for the Economic Research Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. USDA says the agency used a set of guiding principles against the interested locations, including consideration of USDA travel requirements, labor force statistics, and work hours most compatible with all USDA office schedules. The new list includes 67 potential sites across the nation from the 136 proposed locations. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says “USDA will make the best choice for our employees and customers,” adding “relocation will help ensure that USDA is the most effective, most efficient, and most customer-focused agency in the federal government.” The initial list includes locations in 35 states, however, the smaller list announced this week includes sites from just 28 states. Find the complete list at USDA.gov.

U.S. Pork Exports Remain Steady in 2018 Despite Challenges

Despite numerous challenges for most of 2018, sales of U.S. pork abroad remained relatively steady compared with 2017. For the year, U.S. pork and pork variety meat exports totaled 5.37 billion pounds, unchanged from 2017, and were valued at $6.3 billion, which was down one percent from 2017.  Bill Luckey of the National Pork Board called 2018 a “difficult year,” noting market-access was the biggest challenge. Pork exports accounted for 25.7 percent of total 2018 U.S. pork and pork variety meat production. Export value per head averaged $51.37, down 3.9 percent from 2017. Despite market access challenges for many markets, 2018 export growth was strong in a few countries, including tremendous growth in South Korea and Colombia. Pork and pork variety meat exports to Korea were up 40 percent in volume and 41 percent in value, while exports to Colombia were up 39 percent in volume and 32 percent in value. During 2018, more than 100 countries imported U.S. pork.

NBB Urges Lawmakers to Quickly Extend the Biodiesel Tax Incentive

The National Biodiesel Board Tuesday urged the House Ways and Means Committee to quickly extend the biodiesel tax incentive. Kurt Kovarik (coh-VAR-ick), Vice President of Federal Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board, submitted testimony to the Temporary Policy in the Internal Revenue Code hearing. The NBB official told lawmakers the biodiesel industry urgently needs an immediate extension of the biodiesel and renewable diesel tax incentive to end the current climate of policy uncertainty. In the testimony, Kovarik writes, “The biodiesel and renewable diesel industry cannot reach its full potential with on-again, off-again tax policy.” Specifically, the Biodiesel Board is asking lawmakers to immediately extend the biodiesel tax incentive for 2018 and 2019, at least, “to end the current climate of uncertainty surrounding the industry.”

NRCS Seeks Comments on Conservation Practice Standards

The Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is seeking input on conservation practices through the 2018 Farm Bill. As USDA works on implementing the farm bill, NRCS is asking the public to submit comments on how to improve conservation practices standards that support programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Conservation Stewardship Program, which help producers cover part of the costs for implementing these practices. NRCS offers 150-plus conservation practices to America’s farmers and ranchers to help them meet their business and natural resource needs on their working lands. The standards provide guidelines for planning, designing, installing, operating and maintaining conservation practices. NRCS is using the comment period to evaluate opportunities to increase flexibility to producers, finding the optimal balance between meeting site-specific conservation needs and minimizing risks of design failure, and ensure the relevance of the standards to agriculture.  The comment period ends April 25, 2019. Comments can be made online by searching regulations.gov.

SOURCE: NAFB News Service