01-28-19 High Plains No-Till Conference to offer crop adviser and applicator credits

High Plains No-Till Conference to offer crop adviser and applicator credits

KIT CARSON, CO – Jan. 28, 2019 – Thirty-one sessions at the High Plains No-Till Conference in Burlington, Colorado have been approved for certified crop adviser credits. Ten of those sessions will also offer continuing education credits for licensed qualified supervisors, certified operators, and private applicators.
Scheduled for Feb. 5-6, the event will take place at the Community and Education Center. In addition to a trade show and outdoor equipment display, breakout sessions will be presented on an assortment of subjects, including the 2018 Farm Bill, soil health, regenerative grazing, farm profitability, and technology. Farmers will also share their first-hand experience with no-till and other conservation methods on producer panels dedicated to both dryland and irrigated production.
“We’re excited about the lineup we have for this year,” said Joni Mitchek, coordinator for the Colorado Conservation Tillage Association. “There will be a great variety of topics, which allows us to offer quite a few education credits as well.”

The crop adviser credits approved for the event include three in Nutrient Management, six in Soil and Water Management, two in Integrated Pest Management, 15 in Crop Management, and five in Professional Development.
In addition, continuing education credits will be available in the categories of Laws and Regulations, Pesticides and Their Families, Environmental Protection, Use of Pesticides, Agriculture Insect Control, Agriculture Weed Control, and Stored Commodities Treatment.
A full schedule and more information about the High Plains No-Till Conference can be found at www.HighPlainsNoTill.com. Online registration is available through Jan. 31, and walk-ins are welcome for the event. The $180 registration fee includes lunches, snacks, and access to keynote and breakout sessions, the trade show, and the Beer and Bull Social.
Questions may be directed to Joni Mitchek at 1-833-466-8455 or  coordinator@highplainsnotill.com.
About CCTA
CCTA is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the conservation and no-till farmers of the High Plains. The group facilitates the exchange of ideas to preserve agricultural soil and water resources for generations by providing a system which drastically reduces soil erosion, conserves soil moisture, and builds organic matter.