12-04-18 Inside CSU Ext/NRCS Small Acreage Management Program with Kara Harders

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Inside CSU Ext/NRCS Small Acreage Management Program with Kara Harders

Briggsdale, CO – December 4, 2018 – Discover strategies to manage your land now and plan for the future. Learn how to manage the water, soil, air, plants, and animals on your property in a more sustainable way. The CSU Extension Land Stewardship program offers a new online training to help you understand the fundamentals of sustainable land and resource management.

Joining the Colorado Ag News Network and FarmCast Radio to discuss the new online land management training program in more detail is Kara Harders, Regional Small Acreage Specialist with Colorado State University Extension/USDA-NRCS…



Kara consults with small acreage landowners on land stewardship practices such as crop and range management, as well as both large and small types of livestock. She hopes to help Colorado land owners reach their property goals whether they be environmental, aesthetic, financial, or enjoyment based. For even more information about the Small Acreage Management Program or about the online land management course, contact Kara Harders by telephone at (970) 219-9903 or by email Kara.harders@colostate.edu

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