11-28-18 Watch the AM Session from Nov 28th during the 74th CACD Annual Convention

Watch the AM Session from Nov 28th during the 74th CACD Annual Convention

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11-28-18 CSU Extension: ARC-CO or PLC, Did I Make the Correct Decision?

CSU Extension: ARC-CO or PLC, Did I Make the Correct Decision?

STERLING, CO – November 26, 2018 – A survey of the 2017 ARC-CO payments for irrigated corn in the seven counties (Kit Carson, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma) served by the CSU Regional Engagement Center in Sterling reveals that payments were only made in Washington county. Producers in Morgan county did not receive a payment in 2016 or 2017.

Many irrigated corn producers are beginning to wonder if the decision they made in 2015 to elect ARC-CO rather than PLC was the correct decision. Before we compare the track records of ARC-CO and PLC over the past four years a quick review of how the programs work is in order.

Payments are made under ARC-CO when ARC-CO Actual Revenue is less than the ARC-CO Guarantee for a covered commodity. ARC-CO Actual Revenue is determined by multiplying the county yield during the crop year by the national price for that crop year. The ARC-CO Guarantee is calculated by multiplying the county benchmark yield by the national benchmark price. Continue reading

11-28-18 CSU selects The Clark Enersen Partners to complete design for building at National Western Center

CSU selects The Clark Enersen Partners to complete design for building at National Western Center

Denver, CO – Colorado State University announced that it has selected The Clark Enersen Partners as the design team for the CSU Animal Health Complex – one of three buildings on the CSU Campus at the National Western Center, which will break ground in early 2020.

“We continue to move the vision forward for the CSU Campus at the National Western Center by bringing in top-tier partners to create distinctive spaces where CSU experts can research the world’s most pressing issues, and widely share that knowledge,” said Amy Parsons, executive vice chancellor of the CSU System.

“The Clark Enersen Partners’ holistic approach to design and nationwide experience in similar projects made them a clear partner for this project,” Parsons said.

“For the Clark Enersen Partners, the distinctiveness of the CSU Animal Health Complex and the impact of what will happen within its walls aligned perfectly with our company’s expertise and areas of interest,” said Greg Lattig, president of the Clark Enersen Partners. Continue reading

11-28-18 CSU launches opioid abuse prevention project for rural Colorado

CSU launches opioid abuse prevention project for rural Colorado

Colorado has been feeling the effects of the national opioid crisis, particularly in rural areas. Now Colorado State University has received about $1.4 million in federal grants for a project in which community professionals — including CSU Extension agents — will work with youths age 10-14 and their families to prevent drug experimentation before it starts.

As part of the program, Extension agents will receive specialized training on dealing with opioid abuse, in an approach that uses existing community relationships and networks instead of sending in outsiders who don’t know the families or the culture of the area.

Abby Weber, a family and consumer sciences agent with CSU Extension and 4H in southeast Colorado’s Bent County, has seen the problems with opioids and other drugs firsthand.

“Some adults trade their food stamps for drugs, so they and their kids don’t eat,” said Weber, who has worked in both social services and the judicial system. “If a parent is using drugs and the child knows, the roles reverse and the child becomes the caregiver, so the child is not only trying to self-protect, but protect the parent. It’s hard to watch these kids trying to make sure that they, their siblings and their parents are OK.” Continue reading