11-07-18 CSU SEA Extension: Sunflower Production Meeting Nov 26th

CSU SEA Extension: Sunflower Production Meeting Nov 26th

Colorado State University Extension will host a sunflower production
meeting on Monday, November 26. The meeting will be held at the Prowers
County Fairgrounds Home Ec Building and will be held from noon to 2:30
pm. The program will begin with a noon lunch complements of the
Colorado Sunflower Administrative Committee (CSAC).

Topics addressed and speakers will include: advanced sunflower
production strategies: can we get to 5000 pounds per acre?, Ron Meyer,
Colorado State University; controlling broadleaf and grassy weeds in
sunflower; Dr. John Spring, Colorado State University; marketing
sunflower, Colorado Mills.

Call Colorado State University Extension Agent Kelly Roesch at 719-336-
7734 to count you for lunch!