10-19-18 Make plans to Attend the 2018 Colorado Horse Council Annual Meeting in Brighton on Oct 27th…

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Make plans to Attend the 2018 Colorado Horse Council Annual Meeting in Brighton on Oct 27th

It’s a time to network, learn and become involved in the Colorado Equine Community!
During the annual meeting you will be hearing from Dr. Black and the latest information on the economic impact of the equine industry in the state of Colorado. This is vital information that will lead the growth and development of the our states equine community. This national study broke out specific data that will be used for future programming ,marketing and promotional efforts that all state equine clubs and organization should know about!

The equine industry is one disease outbreak away from closing down our show season, enjoying trail rides and keeping our animals healthy, Our Colorado State Veterinarian office, Dr. Roehr, is an important part of the equine community that keep owners informed and educated on how we must work together to avoid outbreaks. Their work is vital in testing, locating and helping to identifying equine health concerns. Knowing about what your responsibilities are and the role you play is important.
Club Forum
For Member and Non-member Clubs
We are in this together and have to work together for the best results for
all equine enthusiasts.
Come and learn great ways to market your club and organizations, and the importance to work together for your clubs success. Topics:
Equine City Hall
Equine Economic Impact Study
Learn how your club can become involved in:
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
National Western Stock Show
Heritage Ride
and many more possibilities!
Become part of the equine awareness programs by contributing ideas and suggestions and make our community grow!
Register today, it includes a free lunch, then stay for the important presentations during the annual meeting.