10-17-18 CFB Election Event News: Meet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Support Fair Maps at DU on Oct 20th

Meet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Support Fair Maps

Date: Saturday, October 20th
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: DU campus, address provided upon rsvp
Registration link: https://fairmapscolorado.com/events/terminate/ 

Join supporters of Amendment Y and Z and gather to stop gerrymandering. Fair Districts would would establish independent redistricting commissions, prohibit gerrymandering and create fair and competitive congressional and legislative districts.

Tickets start at $50 and photo opportunities are available for $1,000.

To purchase tickets, RSVP and for more information visit: https://fairmapscolorado.com/events/terminate/ 

Questions? Contact Laura at 303-881-8971 or laura@givewiseco.com.

Yes on Y&Z