BARN Media’s Decision 2018 – The Race for CO House District #65- Republican Candidate Rod Pelton

BARN Media’s Decision 2018The Race for  Colorado House District #65- Republican Candidate Rod Pelton

The BARN /  FarmCast Radio – BRIGGSDALE, CO – August 16, 2018 – 

Once again, Election Day will be upon us very soon and CO will be voting for a NEW Representatve for Colorado’s House District #65. As part of the BARN’s Decision 2018 series I hope to visit with both candidates seeking this position in the CO State Legislature. My guest is Republican Candidate, Rod Pelton

The interview includes the following topics:

  • Pelton’s Background  & Family
  • Pelton’s reason for running
  • 65th District is his view
  • Endorsements thus far
  • Pelton’s Plans if Elected
  • Pelton’s thoughts on: Transportation, Education, TABOR;  Immigration (Illegal & Legal); Border Security; Sanctuary Policies for Cities/Colorado; Water / WOTUS; Private Property Rights; the Oil, Gas & Coal Industries; Renewable Energy Industry (Wind, Solar, Ethanol & Biofuel);
  • Final Thoughts – Learn more about Rod Pelton 


*This is the first part of the series regarding the Race for Colorado’s next House District #65 Representative – an invitation has been sent out to the Democrat Candidate Bethleen McCall – Stay tuned for that and for which political race will be featured next here inside the BARN.