08-16-18 International Experience USA needs YOUR Help – Host a Foreign Exchange Student for the School Year – Aug 31st Deadline!

International Experience USA needs YOUR Help – Host a Foreign Exchange Student for the School Year – Aug 31st Deadline!

“Some of the very best and brightest students from our time as host parents over a multi- year period came thru the International Experience USA Program. The best part is, we are still connected with most all of them and their families in their home countries (Germany & Iceland) including:  Annie, Arnor, Felix, Jana, David, Steve, Nicholas, Marcus & Haukur. We would recommend everyone that is interested check out the program and become a host family at least once…after that you’ll want to do it for several years like we did. Please contact Jennifer Iler, Western Regional Director at iE-USA today, before the Aug 31st deadline – What are YOU waiting for?” 

– Brian & Connie Allmer, Briggsdale, CO

As we near our August 31 deadline to place our remaining 45 students, I wanted to reach out to ask for your help. Would you be willing to post something on your personal Facebook page or send an email to your contacts, to help us recruit new families? As you may know, iE-USA offers the host family referral bonus program, where any new host family you refer, that results in placement, earns you $200. As Regional Director, I will personally match that $200, making the referral bonus $400 for any new referral that results in placement before August 31, 2018. I am reaching out to those of you that have hosted, or expressed an interest in hosting, in the past.  We accept referrals all over the US (except California and Hawaii). Many areas are still accepting students for this fall. If you have a family interested, please contact me with the details, so I can be sure to match the bonus. Time is running out. Can you help us find a place for each of these wonderful kids?

For more information please contact:

Jennifer Iler 
Western Regional Director
International Experience
Cell: 303-946-5468
Fax: 952-223-6103

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalExperience/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/international_experience/