08-16-18 NFU: U.S. Beef Producers Disadvantaged by Current “Product of U.S.A” Labeling Standards

U.S. Beef Producers Disadvantaged by Current “Product of U.S.A” Labeling Standards

Farmers Union Lends Support to Petition to Modify Label Standards

WASHINGTON – Current federal meat labeling standards are disadvantaging U.S. family beef producers by allowing products born, raised, or slaughtered outside of the United States to carry the “Product of the U.S.A.” label. These standards need to be changed immediately, according to the nation’s second largest general farm organization.
National Farmers Union (NFU) today wrote to USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in support of a petition by the Organization for Competitive Markets and American Grassfed Association that FSIS should change current regulations to require that beef be of domestic origin to be eligible for the “Product of the U.S.A.” label.

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08-16-18 What Does Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Walker Stapleton Think about Colorado Agriculture?

What Does Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Walker Stapleton Think about Colorado Agriculture?

Register NOW for tomorrow’s live meeting & find out. Your questions welcome.

Join Colorado gubernatorial candidate, Walker Stapleton for an exclusive meeting Friday, Aug. 17 from 12:15 – 1:00 pm. From the comfort of your office, home or tractor, hear what Mr. Stapleton has to say about issues that impact Colorado produce growers. 

The majority of the meeting (held electronically as a webinar for everyone’s convenience) will be Q and A. Participants can type in their questions as they listen. We encourage you to participate at your computer or phone if at all possible!

CFVGA endeavors to offer the same webinar event with Colorado gubernatorial candidate  Jared Polis, currently a member of the U.S. House.  Stay tuned for details.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

7900 E. Union Ave., Suite 200

DenverCo 80237

08-16-18 Inside the BARN with Author and Photographer Lee Klancher and his New Book “TRACTOR”

Inside the BARN with Author and Photographer Lee Klancher and his New Book “TRACTOR”

BRIGGSDALE, CO – AUGUST 16, 2018 – From the award-winning author / photographer that brought you books like Red Tractors, Red Combines and Red 4WD Tractors comes next “must-have” tractor history book is my guest once again Lee Klancher…

The interview covers:

  • “Tractors: The machines that changed the world” – 160 Tractors histories are featured in the book, including: STEAM TRACTORS – PRAIRIE TRACTORS – HART PARR – FARMALL – JOHN DEERE WATERLOO BOY & D – FERGUSON – RISE OF STYLE in 1929 – POST WWII WAR TRACTOR BOOM – WAGNER 4WD – STEIGER – THE MERGERS of the  80’s & 90’s – TECHNOLOGY – MAGNUM SERIES TAKES OVER TOP SPOT FROM JOHN DEERE – 21st century & MORE
  • Includes wonderful photography and extraordinary industrial designer concept drawings
  • How to Pre-order YOUR Copy(ies) of “TRACTOR”
  • Learn about the SPECIAL Editions that will be made available
  • Klancher’s Next Project 
  • Final thoughts & more


Lee Klancher’s new book “TRACTOR” will be available on September 3rd – you can pre-order your copy or copies today @ https://octanepress.com/Links to purchase copies of his other books are available at that website as well. Continue reading

BARN Media’s Decision 2018 – The Race for CO House District #65- Republican Candidate Rod Pelton

BARN Media’s Decision 2018The Race for  Colorado House District #65- Republican Candidate Rod Pelton

The BARN /  FarmCast Radio – BRIGGSDALE, CO – August 16, 2018 – 

Once again, Election Day will be upon us very soon and CO will be voting for a NEW Representatve for Colorado’s House District #65. As part of the BARN’s Decision 2018 series I hope to visit with both candidates seeking this position in the CO State Legislature. My guest is Republican Candidate, Rod Pelton

The interview includes the following topics:

  • Pelton’s Background  & Family
  • Pelton’s reason for running
  • 65th District is his view
  • Endorsements thus far
  • Pelton’s Plans if Elected
  • Pelton’s thoughts on: Transportation, Education, TABOR;  Immigration (Illegal & Legal); Border Security; Sanctuary Policies for Cities/Colorado; Water / WOTUS; Private Property Rights; the Oil, Gas & Coal Industries; Renewable Energy Industry (Wind, Solar, Ethanol & Biofuel);
  • Final Thoughts – Learn more about Rod Pelton 


*This is the first part of the series regarding the Race for Colorado’s next House District #65 Representative – an invitation has been sent out to the Democrat Candidate Bethleen McCall – Stay tuned for that and for which political race will be featured next here inside the BARN.

08-16-18 NCGA: Dr. Shefali Mehta Tapped as New Leader of Soil Health Partnership

Dr. Shefali Mehta Tapped as New Leader of Soil Health Partnership

Shefali Mehta had a fascination with plants from early in her childhood. From her time growing up in New England, through her education and work in agriculture in the U.S. and around the world, she followed her passion, launching a notable career as an agricultural and environmental economist.

Mehta has been tapped as the new executive director of the Soil Health Partnership, a long-term data project that measures and quantifies the impact of farm management practices known to promote healthy soils.

“Everything we have literally starts with the soil, which is intimately connected to our very survival and ability to take care of current and future generations,” Mehta said. Continue reading

08-16-18 International Experience USA needs YOUR Help – Host a Foreign Exchange Student for the School Year – Aug 31st Deadline!

International Experience USA needs YOUR Help – Host a Foreign Exchange Student for the School Year – Aug 31st Deadline!

“Some of the very best and brightest students from our time as host parents over a multi- year period came thru the International Experience USA Program. The best part is, we are still connected with most all of them and their families in their home countries (Germany & Iceland) including:  Annie, Arnor, Felix, Jana, David, Steve, Nicholas, Marcus & Haukur. We would recommend everyone that is interested check out the program and become a host family at least once…after that you’ll want to do it for several years like we did. Please contact Jennifer Iler, Western Regional Director at iE-USA today, before the Aug 31st deadline – What are YOU waiting for?” 

– Brian & Connie Allmer, Briggsdale, CO

As we near our August 31 deadline to place our remaining 45 students, I wanted to reach out to ask for your help. Would you be willing to post something on your personal Facebook page or send an email to your contacts, to help us recruit new families? As you may know, iE-USA offers the host family referral bonus program, where any new host family you refer, that results in placement, earns you $200. As Regional Director, I will personally match that $200, making the referral bonus $400 for any new referral that results in placement before August 31, 2018. I am reaching out to those of you that have hosted, or expressed an interest in hosting, in the past.  We accept referrals all over the US (except California and Hawaii). Many areas are still accepting students for this fall. If you have a family interested, please contact me with the details, so I can be sure to match the bonus. Time is running out. Can you help us find a place for each of these wonderful kids?

For more information please contact: Continue reading

08-16-18 NFU: “Product of U.S.A” Label Harms U.S. Beef Producers

NFU: “Product of U.S.A” Label Harms U.S. Beef Producers

Under current labeling standards, meat that is born, raised, or slaughtered in foreign countries can still carry a “Product of U.S.A.” label, so long as it passes through a facility inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This practice misleads consumers and allows foreign interests and multi-national corporations to take advantage of market opportunities that should be reserved for U.S. family farmers and ranchers.
The Organization for Competitive Markets and American Grassfed Association launched a petition stating that the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) should strengthen and clarify standards so that “Product of U.S.A.” labeling appears only on products born, raised, and slaughtered within the country. This week, National Farmers Union (NFU) sent a letter to FSIS in support of the petition.
“This unfair market advantage financially harms U.S. beef producers who currently find themselves in a highly consolidated marketplace,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “FSIS must amend its labeling standards to restrict use of the ‘Product of U.S.A.’ label exclusively for meat and meat products that derive from animals born, raised, slaughter and processed in the United States.”
Read the full letter here.

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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, August 16th

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, August 16th

Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation

China Files WTO Complaint over U.S. Solar Tariffs

China’s latest shot in a tit-for-tat trade war is a World Trade Organization Complaint over U.S. solar tariffs. China filed a complaint with the WTO to help determine the legality of the U.S. policies, saying they not only harm China’s rights but also undermine the WTO’s authority, according to Reuters. China says the U.S. tariffs and the U.S. “decision to subsidize renewable energy firms” has distorted the global market. The Trump administration in January announced it was imposing “Safeguard tariffs” over four years, with a 30 percent tariff in the first year reduced gradually to 15 percent in year four. The action, however, is not expected to have an immediate impact on China’s major solar manufacturers, as their exposure to U.S. markets was reduced after earlier trade disputes. One Chinese executive told Reuters that U.S. solar tariffs were a “sideshow” and had little effect on Chinese business.

USDA Purchasing $50 Million of Milk

The Department of Agriculture this week announced it will purchase $50 million worth of fluid milk to distribute to U.S. food banks. USDA said it will authorize the expenditure of $50 million in Section 32 funds to purchase a range of consumer-friendly milk varieties, including whole, 2 percent, 1 percent and skim. The agency will purchase the milk from approved vendors, and distribute the product, an estimated 12-15 million gallons, depending on the prices agreed to by USDA and its suppliers, to food assistance organizations such as Feeding America. The action, which is similar to product purchases as part of aid packages to farmers, is not part of the trade aid package announced by USDA last month. USDA has yet to release any details about that effort, but the $12 billion budget for that assistance, coming from Section 5 of USDA’s spending authority, is distinct from the Section 32 funds being used for this new milk purchase program. The National Milk Producers Federation applauded the announcement, noting that milk is in high demand at food banks.

FDA Extends FSMA Compliance

The Food and Drug Administration announced this week it would extend its deadlines and inspection timeframes for when certain-sized facilities should come into compliance with some Food Safety Modernization Act. The move, applauded by the American Feed Industry Association, gives the FDA more time to release the final FSMA guidance documents and train its inspectors. AFIA says the deadline extensions give the regulated animal food industry “greater opportunity to perform the necessary retrofits to animal food safety plans and processes to ensure full compliance with federal regulations.” Small-sized animal food facilities, firms with less than 500 employees will need to come into compliance with the hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls regulations by September 17, with the FDA delaying inspections until the fall of 2019. Initially, inspections were set to begin in January 2019. The FDA intends to delay compliance for very small businesses, those with sales totaling less than $2.5 million, from the requirements applicable to qualified facilities until the fall of 2020.

Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge Offers $145K in Startup Funds

The American Farm Bureau Federation, in partnership with Farm Credit, this week opened online applications for its 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge. Entrepreneurs will compete for $145,000 in startup funds. The competition provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase ideas and business innovations in agriculture. This is the fifth year of the Challenge, which is the first national business competition focused exclusively on rural entrepreneurs launching food and agriculture businesses. AFBF President Zippy Duvall says startup funds provided through the Challenge will help entrepreneurs working in food and agriculture take their businesses to the next level. Ten semifinalist teams will be announced on November. 9 and awarded $10,000. The final four teams, selected from the ten semifinalist teams, will be announced in December and will receive an additional $5,000 and have all expenses paid to compete in a live pitch competition at AFBF’s 100th Annual Convention in New Orleans in January 2019.  Entrepreneurs must be Farm Bureau members to compete. Learn more at https://www.fb.org/events/afbf-annual-convention/events-experiences/ag-i….

2018 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year Finalists Announced

The National Pork Board recently announced the four finalists who are vying to be named the 2018 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year. The program honors a U.S. pig farmer each year who excels at raising pigs following the We Care ethical principles and who is committed to sharing their farming story with the American public. National Pork Board President Steve Rommereim of South Dakota says the finalist “demonstrate how pig farmers embrace the We Care ethical principles as their daily standard of care.” The finalists are Patrick Bane of Illinois, Bill Luckey of Nebraska and Brad Lundell and Kevin Rasmussen both from Iowa. The four finalists will meet with an expert panel of third-party judges in Chicago. The judges will view videos produced at the finalists’ farms and will interview each of them. Through August 29, the public can vote once a day per person per email address for their favorite finalist at www.americaspigfarmer.com. The winner will be announced in early October based on the judges’ scores and the online voting. Learn more about the finalist at wwww.pork.org.

NCGA: Answer Upcoming NASS Surveys

The confidential crop survey from the National Agricultural Statistics Service will be arriving in the mailboxes of Southern farmers soon, and it is very important that recipients take the time to complete it, according to the National Corn Growers Association. NCGA says the number of farmers completing the confidential NASS crop survey has been declining in recent years, impacting farmers. Results of the confidential NASS crop survey play a key role in determining the implementation of farm payments and programs, including the Agriculture Risk Coverage Program, Price Loss Coverage Program and even farm appraisals. If NASS does not receive an adequate number of farmer-completed surveys from a certain county, it must use other less reliable sources of data to calculate actual production in that county NCGA says the downward trend in farmer-completed surveys has led to the inability of NASS to publish reliable data in numerous counties across the country. If this continues, NASS may not be able to publish this data for many counties at all.

SOURCE: NAFB News Service



08-16-18 NFU: New on the Climate Column: Markets for Climate-Smart Ag Products in Colorado

NFU: New on the Climate Column: Markets for Climate-Smart Ag Products in Colorado

Farmers and ranchers can help mitigate the effects of climate change. But in many areas, it’s not economically viable for farmers to implement climate-smart practices because there there isn’t a sufficient market for the resulting products.
NFU continues its new, 50-part series on the Climate Column to discuss how farmers in each state can work together to enhance and expand access to markets for the products of climate-smart agriculture.  Continue reading