07-20-18 AFBF Action Alert: Endangered Species Act Modernization Introduced in Congress – Contact Your Representative Today!

AFBF Action Alert 2018

Endangered Species Act Modernization Introduced in Congress

Farmers & Ranchers Seek Common Sense Changes After 30 Years!

Congress has introduced a series of bills to update and modernize the Endangered Species Act (ESA). ESA regulations have not been updated in 30 years, and only 3 percent of species have been successfully recovered since the law was enacted 45 years ago. Farmers and Ranchers already know that ESA restrictions can be harsh and prevent them from using their primary business asset: their land

The ESA has not just been unsuccessful, it’s been unsuccessful at the expense of Farmers and Ranchers.

Farmers and Ranchers know the importance of environmental stewardship. Most farms are family-owned, and Farmers and Ranchers typically live on the land they work. They want to keep their farms both economically and environmentally sustainable for future generations.

We need YOU to tell Congress that Farmers and Ranchers need a modern ESA that addresses the clear shortcomings of the current law. Rural America needs an ESA that brings Farmers and Ranchers to the table, and charts a real path for recovery of American wildlife.


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