07-18-18 Potatoes USA: Potato Exports Decline Again in May

Potato Exports Decline Again in May

The volume of U.S. exports of frozen potato products declined 4% in May 2018 compared to 2017, with value down 2%. The reduction was due to a 26% loss in Mexico, 38% to Indonesia, 8% to the largest market, Japan, and 14% to Thailand. On the positive side, Central America was up 7%, China up 8%, Malaysia up 8% and Taiwan up 17%.

The volume of U.S. dehydrated potato exports was down 13% for the month with Japan off 39%, the Philippines down 50% and Mexico down 19%. Exports to Canada were up 25% and Korea did increase 34%. Fresh export volume was down 31% to the world but only off 5% to Potatoes USA target markets. A 44% drop for Canada was the driving factor, with the Philippines also down 64% and Taiwan off 40%. A 27% increase to Mexico was significant as was 42% growth to Japan and a 484% increase for Korea.

The declines in processed product exports reflect the short supply within the United States and the continued expansion in production of both frozen and dehy in the European Union, particularly Belgium and France. The resulting higher prices for the U.S. product are exacerbated by the strong dollar.

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