06-27-18 Inside Mountain Roots Produce w/Mike Nolan: 416 and Burro Wildfire Impacts, Farm Bill Amendment, NYFC & RMFU…

Inside Mountain Roots Produce w/Mike Nolan: 416 and Burro Wildfire Impacts, Farm Bill Amendment, NYFC & RMFU…

(The BARN / FarmCast Radio – Briggsdale, CO) June 27, 2018 – The 416 Wildfire & the Burro wildfire in SW Colorado has been a huge story now for quite sometime…its a devastating situation for members of that community and region.

Inside the BARN to discuss the impacts of those wildfires on SW Colorado is Mike Nolan, President of the Four Corners  Farmers & Ranchers Coalition, joint chapter of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union & the National Young Farmers Coalition and co-owner of Mountain Roots Produce in Durango, CO


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Related story from RMFU…

The 416 fire near Durango is getting national news, yet lost in the story of smoke and flames is this: Durango and surrounding communities that depend on tourism are open and welcoming customers.

And the farmers and ranchers who supply local foods to restaurants in the area are asking people to not let them down.

For example, The Boathouse at Electra is located between Durango and Silverton just east of Highway 550 (the Million Dollar Highway). The Boathouse is a seasonal restaurant that serves local food purchase from Mountain Roots Produce, Adobe House Farms, James Ranch, Twin Buttes, Windsong Farm, Peach Valley Produce, Meet America Inc., and others. It has been a trying time, especially as they are open for business and ready to serve yet the news of the fire has not been helpful.

“We opened for the season on May 31 and had a great night serving our regulars as well as new customers and were very excited for the season. We then had to evacuate the next day and unfortunately lost a lot of the beautiful produce and meat that we had purchased for what we expected to be a busy weekend.  We lost three weekends of service but were able to re-open last Thursday and had a fun, spirited busy weekend,” say the owners.

This is true, too, for James Ranch, a-450 acre operation that hosts a variety of events and markets craft cheeses, grass-fed beef, and much more sustainably produced items on site. James and Julie Ott count on visitors drawn to the area to stop by and enjoy the best of the west in terms of hospitality and exceptional local foods.

We have always had a sustainable and supportive market of consumers, and restaurants, and stores. And they need to support our farmers now more than ever. These fires – and probably more fires to come – scare people away. We need the local and the outside dollar to support these farmers right now,” adds

Darrin Parmenter, County Extension Director for La Plata County.

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