06-08-18 Colorado State University Extension Pest Alert

Colorado State University Extension Pest Alert

Assefa Gebre-Amlak, Pest Management Specialist

Pest Alert is one of Colorado State University Extension pest management programs coordinated by a regional pest management specialist in collaboration with other pest management specialists and county agricultural agents.

This program provides proactive pest management information based on field scouts, pheromone trap data and pest reports from other neighboring states. It monitors economic pests of both in dryland and irrigated crops. We use both pest press release and web publication to communicate with growers, agricultural businesses and public.

Our website: http://northernipm.colostate.edu/ provides historic data on field biology (2008-2018) of major insects including European corn borer, western bean cutworm, sunflower head moth, banded moth and other insect pests in Colorado. You will also find information: Continue reading

90th Colorado FFA State Convention Archives Available Now on Livestream!



Chair:  Tiana Smith & Carina Ramos

Opening Ceremony

Welcome to the Conference


Posting of Colors

Welcome –-City of Pueblo

Retiring Remarks– Patrick Shields, Secretary

Introduction of State Officer Candidates

Convention Kickoff Speaker – Melvin Adams

Creed Speaking Results

Retiring Remarks –Dylan Solano, Executive Committee

Closing Ceremony



Co-Chairs:  Cassie Franks & Dylan Solano

Opening Ceremony


Retiring Remarks – Hadden Wilkins, Executive Committee

Greetings/Scholarship Presentation – CYFEA

Retiring Remarks – Bassil Ahmed, Executive Committee

Recognition of State CDE Teams

Closing Ceremony



Co-Chairs: Dillon Roesch & Bassil Ahmed

Opening Ceremony

Greetings – Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Retiring Remarks – Carina Ramos, Executive Committee

Foundation, Meining-Davis, CVATA & National FFA Scholarships

Heifer Wrangle Awards

Colorado FFA Year in Review

Retiring Remarks – Rayce Coen, Reporter

Closing Ceremony



Chair:  Brianna McBride & Patrick Shields

Opening Ceremony

Greetings-Colorado Farm Service Agency

Agriscience Fair Awards

Presentation of the Creed

Retiring Remarks – Cassie Franks, Vice- President

New Chapter Recognition

Most Improved Chapter

Honorary State FFA Degree

John Knaub Outstanding Teacher Award

Keynote Speaker – Breanna Holbert, National FFA President

Parliamentary Procedure Team Awards

Conferring State FFA Degree

Closing Ceremony


THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 8:30 – 10:00 A.M.

Co- Chairs: Rayce Coen & Hadden Wilkins

Opening Ceremony

Greetings Colorado FFA Alumni

Retiring Remarks- Brianna McBride, Treasurer

Extemporaneous Speaking Results

Prepared Public Speaking Results

Dutch Carwin Memorial Leadership Award

Retiring Remarks – Dillon Roesch, Sentinel

Recognition of State Proficiency Award Winners

Closing Ceremony


THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1:30 – 4:00 P.M.

Co-Chairs:  2017-18 Officer Team

Opening Ceremony

Greetings-Don Brown, Commissioner of Agriculture

State Star in AgriBusiness Recognition

Sponsor Recognition –Colorado FFA Foundation

National Chapter Award Program

State Star in Agricultural Placement Recognition

Quiz Bowl Awards

State Star in AgriScience Recognition

Retiring Remarks –Tiana Smith, President

State Star Farmer Recognition

Recognition of Decade Past State Officers

Nominating Committee Report

New Officer Introductions

Convention in Review

Recognition of Retiring Teachers

Installation of New Officers

State Officer Retirement

Closing Ceremony

Watch ALL the sessions and the Rising Sun Show Interviews online @ https://livestream.com/BarnMedia/2018CoFFAConvention


06-08-18 CFB: 2018 Summer Ag Issues Summit in La Junta, Colorado July 15-16 – REGISTER NOW!

2018 Summer Ag Issues Summit

Join us for the 2018 Summer Ag Issues Summit in La Junta, Colorado.

The event will be filled with great speakers and tours as well as kick off our policy development season. With the November elections coming this year, there are many policy issues to discuss including private property rights, transportation, economic development and more. The summit will focus on the importance of participating in elections and highlight the governor’s race and ballot initiatives that will appear on the ballot.

There will also be insightful tours that provide attendees with an understanding of issues in the area, including water management.  Check back here for more information as the event gets closer.

The conference will begin at 11 a.m. on Sunday, July 15 and end after dinner on Monday, July 16.  Continue reading

06-08-18 Get your Horse Microchipped at the Heritage Ride

Get your Horse Microchipped at the Heritage Ride

Over the past decade, Colorado has endured a number of devastating forest fires and floods which resulted in emergency evacuations and horses becoming displaced from their homes and owners.
The Colorado Horse Development Authority (CHDA) is responding with a voluntary solution to help reunite owners with their horses. The CHDA has joined forces with Microchip ID Systems, Inc., an ISO-certified microchip manufacturer, to offer a special kit for horse owners. Each kit contains a Microchip and  full enrollment into the Equine Protection Registry™, a nationwide database with live customer service. Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Friday, June 8th

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Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Friday, June 8th

Senate Ag Plans Farm Bill Markup

The Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday announced it will consider the Senate version of the farm bill next week. Markup of the bill is planned for Wednesday, at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time. The bipartisan bill, according to committee leaders, will “provide much-needed certainty” for farmers and ranchers. The bill could be passed by the Senate by the end of this month. Senate leader Mitch McConnell has previously said that he would like to pass the farm bill before the Senate goes on the Independence Day recess. The timeline of the farm bill is less certain in the House of Representatives, however. House Agriculture Committee Chair Mike Conaway had targeted a late June date for reconsideration of the bill after the chamber voted it down last month. Republican lawmakers who demanded a vote on immigration pulled the bill to failure. But, Republicans begun discussing immigration issues this week, providing renewed farm bill optimism.

U.S. Offers List of Ag Concessions Wanted From China

The U.S. apparently wants more from China than a promise to buy more U.S. agricultural goods. Politico reports that U.S. officials have handed China a list of agricultural trade barriers that “must be lifted” to boost imports from the U.S. to China in an effort to reduce the trade deficit. However, China has stated that it will not remove trade barriers as long as Trump imposes new U.S. tariffs, which could soon take effect. China said earlier this week that the outcome of the talks should be based on “meeting each other halfway.” China, meanwhile, has responded with targeting U.S. ag products with retaliatory tariffs, if warranted. Further, the National Pork Producers Council said the trade war is already harming agriculture, as Iowa State University Economist Dermot Hayes says U.S. pork farmers have lost $2.2 billion on an annualized basis, from lower hog prices.

USDA Announces Producer Approval of California Federal Milk Marketing Order

California dairy producers have approved a Federal Milk Marketing Order for the state. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the approval Thursday. The new California marketing order will be implemented October 17th, 2018, with publication of the Announcement of Advanced Prices and Pricing Factors, and affected parties must comply with all provisions beginning November 1st, 2018. USDA  says it will work over the next few months to educate handlers who will become regulated by the new marketing order. California represents more than 18 percent of all U.S. milk production and is currently regulated by a state milk marketing order administered by the California Department of Agriculture. Once the new federal order is established, more than 80 percent of the U.S. milk supply will fall under the Federal Milk Marketing Order regulatory framework.

Bayer Closes Deal, Retires Monsanto Name

Bayer successfully completed the acquisition of Monsanto on Thursday, retiring the Monsanto name. Acquired products by Bayer will retain brand names and become part of Bayer’s portfolio. However, company officials say making the change will take some time. Shares in the U.S. company will no longer be traded on the New York Stock Exchange, with Bayer now the sole owner of Monsanto. Monsanto shareholders are being paid $128 per share. According to the conditional approval from the United States Department of Justice, the integration of Monsanto into Bayer can take place as soon as the divestments to BASF have been completed. The integration process is expected to begin in approximately two months. Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant said in a statement “the closing represents an important milestone toward the vision of creating a leading agricultural company.” The acquisition is the largest in Bayer’s history and doubles the size of its agriculture business. The deal took two years to complete, and is valued at $63 billion.

Accurate Labels Act Introduced

Lawmakers introduced the Accurate Labels Act in the Senate Thursday, a bill that supporters say would provide American consumers nationwide with clear, accurate and meaningful nutrition information. Introduced by Republican Senator Jerry Moran (More-ran) of Kansas, and in the House of Representatives by Republican Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Democrat Kurt Shrader of Oregon, the bill would also prevent the issuance of inaccurate labels that mislead consumers and drive up prices. Supporters say the bill would establish science-based criteria for all additional state and local labeling requirements, allow state-mandated product information to be provided through smartphone-enabled “smart labels,” and ensuring that covered product information is risk-based. The American Farm Bureau Federation, along with the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, were immediately supportive of the legislation.

FCC Chairman Proposes Rural Healthcare Funding Increase

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit (Ah-jiht’) Pai (Pie) announced this week that he has circulated a draft order to his colleagues that would significantly increase funding for the Universal Service Fund’s Rural Health Care Program. The program’s current annual funding cap is $400 million. The Chairman’s order would increase the annual cap to $571 million. The cap was set in 1997 and was never indexed for inflation. Recently, demand for funding under the program has outpaced the budget, creating uncertainty for patients, health care providers and communications companies alike. The order would apply the increased cap to the current funding year to “immediately address a critical funding crisis” and enable rural health care providers to continue offering telemedicine services. The order would also give providers long-term certainty about universal service funding by adjusting the cap annually for inflation and allowing unused funds from prior years to be carried forward to future years.  

SOURCE: NAFB News Service