05-25-18 FFA ALUMNI NEWS: Introducing Give Back To Your Roots Grants, Sponsored by Radiate & CPS…

Introducing Give Back To Your Roots Grants, Sponsored by Radiate & CPS

Crop Production Services, a Nutrien Company, is proud to support FFA Alumni and Supporters through a $100,000 gift. Now, when growers use Radiate on their farms, they’re not only helping their crops’ roots, they’re also helping CPS give back to FFA. 

This gift will double the amount of local grant funding traditionally available through Alumni & Supporters programs and provide access to new grant channels — including plant science, agronomy projects and materials support.

Learn more about the grant program and how to apply for upcoming grant awards.

About Radiate

Radiate is specifically designed to help develop longer, stronger, healthier roots to improve nutrient uptake. This powerful root growth technology increases a plant’s ability to utilize more essential nutrients and water in fields throughout the country. See Radiate in action for yourself!