05-16-18 Mill Levy Approved for Mancos Conservation District

Mill Levy Approved for Mancos Conservation District

The Mancos Conservation District, which oversees a wide variety of water and soil conservation programs in Montezuma County, including the Montezuma School to Farm Project, asked voters to add a half mill to landowners’ property taxes on May 8th of this year. They estimate the tax will leverage about $18,000 per year to assist in paying for their organization’s operating costs, programming and projects. In the short term, they hope to use the extra revenue to repair their headquarters in Mancos, a building that was donated to them in the 1950s and is starting to show its age. In the long term, the tax will help to secure the future of the district’s services, programs and projects.  

“The Mancos Conservation District would like to thank all who gave of their time and talents, raised awareness and supported our organization and programs throughout this election process. Thank you also to all who voted for the mill levy on May 8th to help secure continued, sustainable support for agriculture in our valley. For the soil. For the water. For the community. We look forward to continuing to serve our landowners in promoting and implementing  constructive land use and agricultural practices protecting and preserving the water and soil resources of the Mancos Valley.  We know that the success of this election was truly a community effort,” stated Gretchen Rank – Executive Director Mancos Conservation District.

Mancos Conservation District’s Mission:
To promote long-term sustainable use and protection of the Mancos River Watershed. We provide educational, financial and technical assistance to meet these conservation goals.

Mancos Conservation District
PO Box 694
Mancos, CO 81328
Office: 970-533-7317
Email: mancoscd1 @ gmail.com