04-19-18 NFU: E15 Waiver is Good News for Family Farmers

NFU: E15 Waiver is Good News for Family Farmers


After months of deliberations around and attacks on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), there is optimism in recent ethanol news; President Trump announced his support for the year-round sale of E15, or gasoline blends comprised of 15 percent ethanol, which had previously been barred from being sold in the summer. NFU applauded the decision, as it will cut into the corn supply and expand markets for American farmers. However, the organization also urged the administration to cut down other barriers that limit the use of high blends of ethanol and pushed for greater promotion of E30, which offers better economic, fuel economy and air quality benefits than do lower blends of ethanol.

Despite the President’s endorsement, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt indicated that the agency had not yet made a decision about the waiver.

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