04-12-18 NFU Applauds E15 Waiver, Says More Needs to be Done for Higher Blends of Ethanol

NFU Applauds E15 Waiver, Says More Needs to be Done for Higher Blends of Ethanol

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump today announced the administration would allow the year-round sale of E15, or gasoline blends comprised of 15 percent ethanol, which had previously been barred from being sold in the summer.

National Farmers Union (NFU) applauded the President’s move and called on the administration to eliminate similar barriers to expanded use of higher blends of ethanol. NFU President Roger Johnson released the following statement in response to the announcement:

041218 E15 Waiver

“Family farmers are facing severely depressed prices due to massive oversupply of corn and other commodities. We appreciate the administration’s move to remove this unnecessary regulation that decreases demand for farm products.

“While this waiver will go a long way towards cutting into the corn supply, more can and should be done for higher blends of ethanol, like E30. This high-octane fuel offers better economic, fuel economy and air quality benefits than do lower blends of ethanol, yet far too many barriers continue to exist to keep it from being used. Farmers Union encourages the administration to build on the President’s support for farmers and rural communities by building demand for higher blends of ethanol in our transportation fuels.”

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