03-13-18 CO Farm Bureau Bill Tracker

EPA Calls for Public Comment on Glyphosate Review

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently conducting a routine registration review of glyphosate to ensure registered pesticides continue to meet the FIFRA standard for registration. All pesticides go through this review at some point over the course of their registration. 

As a part of this process, EPA is accepting pubic comment until April 30, 2018. During this period, individuals are able to go online and submit their comment, ensuring feedback of glyphosate users are heard.

To submit comments, visit the EPA’s website or learn more at www.protectglyphosate.com/.

Proposed Ag Exemption for Port of Entry Requirements

A bill introduced late last week would exempt owners and operators (carrying only agriculture products) from the requirements to visit a port of entry within five miles of their route. Several concerns about port of entry requirements and potentially dangerous routes have been discussed throughout the legislative session, resulting in a proposal to exempt agriculture products from the requirement.

If passed, no farmer or rancher hauling an agriculture product within five miles of a port of entry would be required to stop at the port. Colorado Farm Bureau is supportive of SB18-197: Agriculture Motor Vehicle Port of Entry, sponsored by Senators Sonnenberg and Crowder, and Representative Lewis.

Register for the Legislative and Leadership Summit

CFB is now accepting registrations for the 2018 Legislative & Leadership Summit! A time to network, build leadership skills and celebrate Ag Day, the Summit is a great opportunity to get learn about hot button issues and meet key decision makers at the Capitol.

The Legislative & Leadership Summit will kick off with a leadership dinner on Wednesday, March 21st at Maggiano’s in Centennial. The conference will continue on March 22nd at First Baptist Church of Denver near the Capitol.

Register and view the full agenda here.

A Busy Time for National Affairs

The FARM Act

The FARM Act, the measure exempting farming operations from reporting requirements under CERCLA, worked its way through the Senate markup last week and was approved by the committee of Environment and Public Works. The measure continues to work its way through the Senate. A House measure mirroring this bill has also been introduced.

In addition to this piece of legislation, Senator Barrasso also introduced a comprehensive measure called, The ACRE Act. This bill would include not only the FARM Act, but also address many other reporting and overlapping environmental mandates.

Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Last week, Senator Gardner sent a letter to Department of Transportation concerning the ELD mandate. The letter addressed the need for exemptions as well as the need to delay implementation until such a time that proper preparations and education can be put into place.

U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced  today an additional 90-day waiver from ELDs for haulers transporting agricultural commodities. According to a press release from the FMCSA, “FMCSA will publish final guidance on both the agricultural 150 air-mile hours-of-service exemption and personal conveyance” during this exemption period.

Farm Bill

Farm Bill talks are underway and Chairman Conway is hopeful that the discussion will remain on track. The earliest expected introduction of the Farm Bill is this April.

AFBF Advisory Committees

Last week, the AFBF Issue Advisory Committees convened in Washington D.C. where members discussed potential policy applications for upcoming and existing legislation. These committees are charged with the implementation and interpretation of the policies set forth by state memberships.

Colorado is fortunate to have three members serving on committees: water, labor and federal lands. There was much deliberation and work done during the meetings and more information and decisions will come soon.