03-05-18 Report: Farmers, Ranchers Express Support for Water Leasing Solution

Report: Farmers, Ranchers Express Support for Water Leasing Solution

Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy laud report findings and urge expanded agricultural water conservation in Upper Colorado River Basin

(Denver) – The Upper Colorado River Commission (UCRC) released a report today, finding that Upper Colorado River farmers and ranchers were open to voluntary, temporary water leasing deals that hold potential for easing drought impacts and water supply concerns in the Colorado River Basin.

The report found that the System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP)—a three-year pilot program launched by four municipal water utilities and the Bureau of Reclamation—was successful in proving that a market exists for water transactions designed to reduce agricultural and other uses of water to boost water levels in Lake Powell and increase overall system reliability.  Continue reading

03-05-18 NPPC: Paraguay Market Now Open To U.S. Pork

Paraguay Market Now Open To U.S. Pork

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 5, 2018 – Under an export certificate recently negotiated between the two countries, the United States now can ship pork to Paraguay. The National Pork Producers Council welcomed the news.

“Paraguay won’t be a huge market for U.S. pork, but given the current trade climate, the U.S. pork industry needs all the new markets it can get,” said NPPC President Jim Heimerl, a pork producer from Johnstown, Ohio. “This is welcome news for America’s pork producers.” Continue reading

03-05-18 CSU Ext: Online Webinar on Small Wind Turbines for Colorado Farms on March 9th

CSU Ext: Online Webinar on Small Wind Turbines for Colorado Farms

FORT COLLINS, CO – About two dozen leases for small wind turbines are planned for northeastern Colorado farms, and Colorado State University Extension is hosting an online ‘webinar’ to educate the agricultural community on lease costs and benefits. While a 30% federal tax credit for small wind systems has just been extended, leases may make sense for some farms and not for others. Considerations such as your utility rate, utility policies, turbine operations and maintenance, and a comparison to other energy investments will be discussed. Results of 30 economic feasibility assessments for solar and wind on irrigated Colorado farms will also be included in the webinar.

The webinar will be hosted by CSU Extension and presented by Charles Newcomb of mCloud on Friday, March 9 at 12pm.

Registration is free but required at: http://col.st/n5aaL . Continue reading

03-05-18 NFU Recognizes Members, Local Organizations for Excellence in Membership and Leadership

NFU Recognizes Members, Local Organizations for Excellence in Membership and Leadership

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – National Farmers Union (NFU) today recognized the efforts of members, county and local organizations for their excellence in membership recruitment and outreach at the NFU 116th Anniversary Convention.

“A strong grassroots network is the backbone of a family farmer-led organization,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “Our peer-driven approach to membership and outreach is what keeps our organization rooted in rural America, and I am honored to recognize the efforts of these dedicated leaders.” Continue reading

03-05-18 NFU Honors Art Cullen for Excellence in Agriculture Communications

NFU Honors Art Cullen for Excellence in Agriculture Communications

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Art Cullen, through his series of editorials in The Storm Lake Times, shed light on dark money that was undermining the interests of rural Iowa residents and family farmers. For his resolution in challenging powerful interests and his outstanding reporting on agriculture and rural issues, National Farmers Union today honored Art Cullen with its Milton D. Hakel Award for Excellence in Agricultural Communications. Continue reading

03-05-18 Inside the BARN & FarmCast Radio with “FarmHer” Creator, Host & Executive Producer Marji Guyler-Alaniz…

Marji Guyler-Alaniz, Creator, Host & Executive Producer of FarmHer

Inside the BARN & FarmCast Radio with “FarmHer” Creator, Host & Executive Producer Marji Guyler-Alaniz…

(BARN Media / FarmCast Radio – Briggsdale, CO) March 5, 2018 – Have you had a chance to see the Award-Winning television series on RFD-TV called FarmHer?

It’s a groundbreaking show chronicling the lives of women farmers around the United States and it airs every Friday @ 7:30pm MT, 9:30 ET on RFD-TV; and joining FarmCast Radio and the Colorado Ag News Network is the show’s creator, host & executive producer Marji Guyler-Alaniz


Check out the FarmHer Season 2 Promo: Continue reading

03-05-18 *CSU Ext News* Ron Meyer: Testing Dormant Wheat for Life…

Testing Dormant Wheat for Life

BURLINGTON, CO – Environmental conditions affect plant growth in many ways.  Conditions that are too dry or too wet, too cold or too hot can all affect wheat production and survival.  Determining whether wheat plants are alive in the spring due to adverse growing conditions should be done before spending production dollars on those acres.

Visual inspection: Continue reading

03-05-18 Learn more about Microchip ID Systems, Inc. and the EquineChip™ with Dr John Wade, DVM…

Learn more about Microchip ID Systems, Inc. and the EquineChip™ with Dr John Wade, DVM

(BARN Media / FarmCast Radio – Briggsdale, CO) March 5, 2018 – Over the past decade, Colorado has endured a number of devastating forest fires and floods which resulted in emergency evacuations and horses becoming displaced from their homes and owners. With that in mind, the Colorado Horse Development Authority (CHDA) is responding with a voluntary solution to help reunite owners with their horses. The CHDA has joined forces with Microchip ID Systems, Inc., an ISO-certified microchip manufacturer, to offer a special kit for horse owners.

Joining FarmCast Radio and the Colorado Ag News Network at this time to discuss the EquineChip™ is Dr. John R. Wade, DVM, of Microchip ID Systems, Inc.


Veterinarian, Dr. John Wade, will be at the 018 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo – March 9-12. 2018 – doing demonstrations of microchipping horses and answering questions from the public. Microchip kits and scanners will be available for sale at the show. The 2018 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo takes place from March 9-11, 2018 at the Western National Complex in Denver. Tickets for the show can be purchased at RMHEtickets.com

To learn more about the EquineChip™ and more about Microchip ID Systems online @ https://www.microchipidsystems.com/


03-05-18 USDA Announces American Egg Board Appointments

USDA Announces American Egg Board Appointments

WASHINGTON, March 5, 2018 – U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced the appointment of 11 members and 10 alternates to serve on the American Egg Board. Nine member appointees and nine alternates will serve two-year terms. Three appointees — two members and one alternate — will serve the remaining one-year portion of vacant positions. The appointed members and alternates are: Continue reading

03-05-18 CDA: Chemigation Deadline Approaching

CDA: Chemigation Deadline Approaching

BROOMFIELD, Colo. –The Colorado Department of Agriculture reminds those using a closed irrigation system to apply agricultural chemicals, including fertilizer, that they must obtain a chemigation permit. The deadline for renewals is March 31, 2018.  This program strives to protect one of our most important resources—water and chemigation permits are an important tool in that effort.
“The Colorado Department of Agriculture issues approximately 4,300 chemigation permits annually statewide,” said Don Gallegos, CDA’s Chemigation Coordinator. “I encourage people to call if they need to renew their license or are trying to decide if they need a permit. We are available to answer all questions and help producers through the process.”

Continue reading

03-05-18 Robert Sakata, Sakata Farms, Brighton, Colo., Named 2017 CFVGA Member of the Year

Robert Sakata, Sakata Farms, Brighton, Colo., Named 2017 Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association Member of the Year

Robert Sakata, Sakata Farms, Brighton, Colo., was named the Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association’s (CFVGA) 2017 Member of the Year Feb. 20 during the association’s fourth annual conference.  Not only was he the first recipient of this award, the award will henceforth be known as CFVGA’s Robert Sakata Member of the Year Award.
“It is entirely fitting that the CFVGA member of the year award be named after an individual who has put his whole heart into making our organization a success,” said Roger Mix, CFVGA vice president. “As a CFVGA founding board member, he has invested huge amounts of time, talent and even his own money.”

Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Monday, March 5th

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Monday, March 5th

European Union Will Hit Back Against U.S. Tariffs

The President of the European Commission says he’ll “bring forward in the next few days a proposal for WTO-compatible countermeasures against the U.S.” Politico says the move is intended to hit back against the steel and aluminum tariffs announced on Thursday by President Trump. The Commission says the 25 percent tariff on steel and 10 percent on aluminum will directly affect EU exports. President Jean-Claude Juncker says, “Instead of providing a solution, this move can only aggravate matters. The EU will react commensurately to defend our interests.” The EU Trade Chief, Cecilia Malmstrom, says the EU will impose safeguard measures on top of any retaliation against the U.S. The safeguards will help the EU manage diverted flows of steel that had been intended for shipment to the U.S. “These U.S. measures will have a negative impact on transatlantic relations and on global markets,” she says. In a comment that seems aimed at China, Malmstrom says global overcapacity caused by non-market based production was a problem. However, Malmstrom also says Trump’s response was wrong, adding that this can only be addressed at the source and by working directly with the countries involved. “The go-it-alone action by the U.S. will not help,” she added.


WTO Worried About Trade Wars Resulting from Trump Tariffs

The head of the World Trade Organization is concerned about President Donald Trump’s plans to impose a tariff on both steel and aluminum imports into America. Director General Rober Azevedo (Ah-zeh-vay’-doh) says a trade war is in no one’s best interests. “The WTO is concerned about the U.S. plans for tariffs on steel and aluminum,” he says, “and the potential for escalation is real, as we have seen in the responses of others.” He says the World Trade Organization will be watching the developments closely. Trump didn’t specify in his announcement which countries the tariffs would apply to. However, it did trigger an outcry from U.S. allies like Canada, the European Union, Mexico, and Australia, as well as China, the world’s biggest steel supplier. The Express Tribune Dot Com says Trump and his staff have portrayed the WTO as a broken organization. Azevedo has responded to those statements with caution, saying he’s willing to work with U.S. officials to alleviate whatever their concerns are. His decision to condemn a policy move like this doesn’t happen very often, which means Azevedo is clearly concerned about the situation.


White House Meets with RFS Stakeholders

Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst participated in a White House meeting Thursday on the future of the Renewable Fuels Standard and were representing the ethanol industry. Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey were at the meeting representing the interests of refiners. Grassley says both sides made their case in the disagreement over the RFS. The only agreement was to look at economic studies for impact. No decisions were made. “Low corn prices are already squeezing farmers’ bottom lines,” Grassley says, “and if the RFS is undermined with a RIN price cap or waiver, that would make things even worse.” Industry stakeholders were also present, including Growth Energy board members. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says, “We are grateful for President Trump giving our board members the opportunity to set the record straight about the importance of biofuels to our economy and the livelihood of America’s hard-working farmers.” She adds that the President clearly understands that the path forward is to allow sales of E15 year-round, promote growth, and put more RIN’s into the market.


Corn Growers Pass Resolution on RINs

The White House continues to hear discussions about a possible cap on the price of Renewable Identification Numbers. While that’s going on, the Hagstrom Report says the National Corn Growers passed a resolution this week asking the President to “keep the current RIN system without change.” That view is also shared by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and other biofuel industry leaders. The Corn Growers passed the resolution at their annual Corn Congress that followed the Commodity Classic. The recent Classic was dominated by rumors that Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue had already agreed to support a cap on the price of RINs, which independent refiners are in favor of. Perdue has denied that he agreed to the cap, but also says the resolution to the conflict should be to increase demand by removing barriers to year-round use of E15. The Ag Secretary has been vague about whether or not price caps on RINs should be part of the package to allow more E15 use. Under current regulations, vehicles can’t fill up with E15 in the summer, which the ethanol industry says is safe for today’s autos.


Doud Confirmed as Chief Ag Negotiator

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts announced on Thursday that Gregg Doud was approved by the U.S. Senate to be the Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. “I’m very pleased that the U.S. Senate has advanced Gregg’s nomination,” Roberts says, “our farmers, ranchers, end-users, and folks in rural America have waited too long to be represented at the negotiating table.” The American Feed Industry Association is also happy to have Doud confirmed. “The need for continued and expanded market access into growing areas of the world is critical to the success of the U.S. animal food manufacturing industry,” says AFIA President Joel Newman. NCBA Director of International Trade Kent Baucus called Gregg Doud a strong advocate for America’s farmers and ranchers for many years. “NCBA is happy the Senate has confirmed him as Chief Agrlcultural Negotiator,” says Doud. “The long nomination and confirmation process is over and U.S. agriculture has the representation we deserve at the negotiating table. We look forward to working with Gregg Doud and the staff at USTR to address the many trade barriers facing the U.S. beef industry.”


High Water Disrupting Mississippi River Navigation

Heavy rain has fallen across much of the mid-to-lower-Mississippi River Valley and eastward into much of the Ohio River Basin. Feedstuffs Dot Com says that’s resulted in widespread flooding near many locations, including Cincinnati, Cairo, and Memphis. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Grain Transportation Report says the high water is causing navigation disruptions in sections of the Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Arkansas Rivers. The Army Corps of Engineers closed up several locks in response. Large amounts of water are flowing into the Mississippi from other rivers, causing its lower portion to reach flood stages in multiple locations. The report also says, “Barge tow sizes have been reduced from 40 to 30 barges on the lower Mississippi River, and those restrictions will likely stay in place for several weeks.” Barge traffic has also been restricted to daylight passage only in other locations.  

SOURCE: NAFB News Service