03-02-18 CO Corn Kernals: 2018 Commodity Classic Briefing

CO Corn Kernals: 2018 Commodity Classic Briefing

*CORRECTED* Commodity Classic kicked off Monday February 26th in Anaheim, California. As the excitement and activities of a busy and most interesting week wrap-up, the following is a brief look at those in attendance representing the Colorado Corn industry and an important situation pertaining to growers and stakeholders.
Members of Colorado Corn Growers Association and Colorado Corn Administrative Committee have represented the state’s corn industry in various capacities this week.

Members Representing the Growers Association
Dave Eckhart (LaSalle), President
Lila Hahn (Yuma), Secretary
Kyle McConnell (Haxtun), Director
Randy Wenger (Yuma), Director
Members Representing the Administrative Committee
Mike Lefever (Longmont), President
Troy Schneider (Cope), Vice President
Rod Hahn (Yuma), Treasurer
Rafe Schroder (Campo), Director
Staff Members
Mark Sponsler, Ann Cross, and Kim Reddin
In part, a fair amount of excitement this week stemmed from a meeting held on Tuesday in Washington D.C. by President Trump that included Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst of Iowa. Continued talks are scheduled for Thursday (today), where key components of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) will be discussed.
National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) wrote a letter to the President outlining the industry’s concerns about proposed changes to the RFS. American Soybeans Association, the National Wheat Growers Association, National Sorghum Producers Association, the National Farmers Union and the American Farm Bureau Federation joined in signing the letter.
CCGA and CCAC representatives were alerted to the situation Monday at the Issues Briefing at Commodity Classic, and many contacted Congress to express support for the RFS. CCGA/CCAC staff members and representatives have participated in a number of discussions this week about the RFS and were all in attendance at the General Session for Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue’s address Wednesday morning.
Secretary Perdue was firm in his commitment to support the RFS, ethanol, and farmers.
NCGA President Kevine Skunes (ND) and CEO Chris Novak joined the Presidents and CEOs of the other Classic organizations at a breakfast with the Ag Secretary this morning to continue this discussion.
The most recent news regarding today’s White House meeting on RFS reports a net improvement from earlier in the week. The President was genuinely interested in learning more during this meeting, and now has a better understanding of E15. While the situation remains serious and there are still concerns he would need to give something to the other side.
For more regarding today’s meeting refer to NCGA’s statement from NCGA’s President Kevin Skunes of North Dakota.
The team from Colorado in attendance at Commodity Classic will continue to closely follow and update and/or report on the situation. In conjunction with NCGA, Colorado Corn staff will reinforce the industry’s position to keep RFS intact.
More from Commodity Classic to come next week.
Colorado Corn, based in Greeley, is made up of the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee and the Colorado Corn Growers Association. 
The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC) oversees how Colorado’s corn check-off dollars (one penny per bushel of grain corn produced in Colorado) are spent on research, market development, outreach and other various endeavors. 
The Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA) is comprised of dues-paying members who are politically active, focusing on policy that impacts corn producers and agriculture in general. 

Learn more about the work of the two organizations at www.coloradocorn.com.