02-22-18 NFU Needs Your Help to Get the 2018 Farm Bill Fully Funded…

NFU Needs Your Help to Get the 2018 Farm Bill Fully Funded

The Farm Bill is the most important and comprehensive piece of food and farm legislation in the United States. It is critical not just for family farmers and ranchers, but also for consumers, rural communities, and the environment too.

The Farmers Union family is urging Congress to pass a Farm Bill this year, and to make sure it actually works for the entire food system, from farmer to consumer. A few weeks ago, NFU launched 2018FarmBill.org and a Change.Org petition to raise awareness for the importance of the Farm Bill, and to generate support for its passage in 2018.
Thanks to your help, we’ve made great progress, reaching more than 180,000 people on Facebook, garnering a cumulative 90,000 video views, and securing over 22,000 signatures on our petition. But the work isn’t over yet! Congress is expected to release a draft of the Farm Bill this spring, and we’re trying to get 100,000 signatures on our petition before they do so they know how important the Farm Bill is to all Americans. If you haven’t already, please sign this petition to let Congress know we need a good Farm Bill this year, and then share it with your friends and family!