02-02-18 WDA: In Remembrance: Diny Pickert


In Remembrance: Diny Pickert

We are heartbroken to hear of the passing of Diny Pickert, who was loved in not just the Colorado dairy community, but the Berthoud community as well. Diny was a powerful spokeswoman for dairy, both as a speaker and community event organizer, but also by taking every opportunity to serve her community the food she was so proud to produce.

When Diny and her husband Brad lived in New York, they were instrumental in organizing the Dairy Lee Cooperative. Diny was a councilwoman for Dairy Lee and traveled the state speaking to groups about dairy. She and Brad worked hard to improve attendance at meetings and getting more dairymen involved in telling their story. When they decided to move to Colorado in 1981, nearly 600 friends attended their going away party.

Berthoud, Colorado became home for the couple and their four sons, where Diny was famous for serving milk and rice krispie treats – something she did for the high school football team, as well as for the coaches and referees at the annual wrestling tournament. Together, Diny and the Colorado Dairy Women provided 10 gallons of milk a week for the local high school football team. Diny also worked with the booster club to raise the money for Berthoud’s high school football stadium. The coaches were so appreciative of the donations and support that one year they made Holstein cow shirts and a blanket to thank the Pickerts. Diny was especially proud of being able to organize support for two high school wrestlers who lost their legs in an accident – she helped make sure there was always food and support at the hospital in Denver while the young men recovered.

Diny loved helping people, but she did more than serve food for the high school teams. She also worked with Berthoud Bequest, an offshoot of the Colorado Philanthropic Organization. Diny sat on their board for two terms and helped grow the group’s funds to over $1 million. Diny was proud of the work the group did to support youth programs, liver transplants, buying the marching band uniforms and more.

Diny’s sons were all involved with the Junior Holstein Association and 4-H, so Diny was involved too. Traveling to show cattle and talking with the public about dairy farming was something she was glad her sons learned.

Diny was an avid spokesperson for dairy. She loved to chat with people at the grocery store, discussing why cow’s milk was better than alternatives and proudly telling people about what she did for a living.

Diny was also a loving wife to Brad – the two of them approached life together as a team effort – supporting each other’s interests and passions no matter what. They attended each other’s meetings and events and were rarely without one another. Brad would attend Diny’s Hummel figurine group meetings and Diny would attend Western Dairy board meetings. Diny even served dinners after Brad’s barbershop quartet events – always including milk and ice cream. Brad and Diny were married for 59 years and for the last six, Brad was Diny’s caretaker as she fought cancer. Diny loved knowing how many people had her in their prayer circles and felt blessed to live such a good life.  Diny will be greatly missed.

Memorial services for Diny Pickert will be held on Monday, February 5 at 2 p.m. at Grace Place, 375 Meadowlark Drive, Berthoud, CO.

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