02-02-18 CLA: Beef Labeling Bill Defeated in Committee 10-3

CLA: Beef Labeling Bill Defeated in Committee 10-3

On Monday the House Ag Committee heard 6 hours of testimony from livestock producers, restaurateurs and grocers from across Colorado on HB18-1043 “Concerning a Requirement That a Retailer Indicate the Country of Origin of Beef Sold to the Public”. The bill, sponsored by Representative Kimmi Lewis and Senator Vicki Marble, failed 10-3 and was postponed indefinitely.
Thank you to those members who reached out to your local representatives to voice your opposition to the proposed legislation. Your phone calls and emails were critical in defeating this proposed legisltation.

Colorado Livestock Association’s Legislative Affairs Committee, chaired by Julie McCaleb, meets throughout the session to discuss proposed legislation that could impact Colorado’s livestock industry.  CLA members are welcome to participate on these informational calls. The next call will be on February 9, 2018 at 7:00 am. If you have an interest in participating please contact the CLA office at (970) 378-0500.