12-15-17 CSU Extension: 4-H Helping Hands Spread Holiday Cheer to Prowers County Nursing Homes

4-H Helping Hands Spread Holiday Cheer to Prowers County Nursing Homes

In the spirit of giving, Prowers County 4-H members participated in a
community service put on by the 4-H county council officer. This year
4-H members assisted in putting together twenty-four fleece blankets for
Lamar and Holly nursing home residents. The members also designed
Christmas cards to give to each resident who received a blanket. The
blankets were completed in record time by nine members, so there was
even time for holiday games.

The members had the opportunity to meet a former 4-Her at the nursing
home and give him one of the blankets that they had made. He said it
was amazing how 4-H had come full circle for him and he shared some
of his favorite 4-H memories with a few of the kids. Other residents
were happy to see the 4-H members and shared bits of their wisdom in
exchange for the blankets. It was a heartwarming experience to see the
collaboration of young and old, even if it was for a short time.

Since it is the season of giving, southeast area extension encourages you
to reach out to all those far and wide. There are so many programs that
occur during the holidays to help those in need. However, your giving
does not have to be that complex. Reach out to the elderly neighbor or a
student in a classroom and let them know that you are thankful for them
and they always have a shoulder to lean on. A friend can be the largest
gift of all.

Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas from Southeast Area

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Written & submitted to The BARN by:

Megan Seltzer
Area Extension Agent
4-H Youth Development
Phone: (719) 336-7734