11-29-17 CSU Extension: Colorado Tree Coalition

CSU Extension: Colorado Tree Coalition

Written by Linda Langelo, CSU Horticulture Program Associate

The Trees Across Colorado (TAC) a program that is supported by the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC). The Colorado Tree Coalition is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization leading statewide efforts to preserve, renew and enhance community forests according to Karen Duez, website manager of the CTC. Here is a brief list of all the programs supported by Colorado Tree Coalition besides Trees Across Colorado by CTC:

  • Reforest Colorado
  • Select Tree Evaluation Program
  • 5th Grade Poster Contest

This year CTC has awarded nearly $35,000 in grants to eleven Colorado communities and organizations to help fund the planting of 500 new community trees. The CTC has partners to help insure their success. These partners are Colorado State Forest Service which gives technical and financial support and United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service which assists with the CTC grant program.

The deadline for any grant for 2018 is December 4, 2017. The grant projects can add or replace trees to parks, trails, schools and downtown areas. Unfortunately, I acquired this information before the Thanksgiving Holiday leaving less time to apply. But if any community is interested please go onto the following link:

This is a competitive grant program. To give you an idea of past projects funded in 2016, here is one where the City of Pueblo Parks and Recreation Department received $2,000 for their Municipal Tree Nursery Project. This project was to strengthen community ties and partnerships with the City of Pueblo’s Urban Forestry Program.

In 2016 the CTC awarded nearly $50,000 to 17 organizations in Colorado and planted 360 trees. According to Gertie Grant from Trees Across Colorado, Northeast Colorado has never participated. Here is an opportunity for our rural towns to increase property values, improve the economic viability of commercial areas, protect the air and water from pollution and save energy by shielding homes from summer sun and winter wind. So disseminate this information to your Town Councils and Tree Boards in Northeast Colorado. Think about the projects that need to be created and implemented to give our towns an aesthetic benefit beyond all the other environmental benefits. Gather potential volunteers who will do the planting such as 4H, tree board members, school students in need community service programs, Master Gardeners, garden club members, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Clubs and more.

Since the inception of the Colorado Tree Coalition 501 grants totaling over $844,000 have been awarded. All the 501 grants were matched with over $7.8 million in community money and/or time. To date there are 74,110 trees planted in Colorado from this program. Here is a brief list of other supporters:

  • USDA Forest Service
  • Xcel Energy Foundation
  • Xcel Energy Vegetation Management
  • Colorado Public Radio
  • Private donors
  • Colorado Tree Coalition members and supporters

Even if your town misses the current deadline, you now have the information in hand for next year. Tree lists come out in September of every year, please contact gertiegrant@estreet.net. If you need assistance or a consult on trees and/or project ideas, please feel free to contact Linda Langelo at Sedgwick County Extension, (970)474-3479.

For more information visit www.ext.colostate.edu.