11-20-17 NPPC: Livestock Haulers Get Waiver From ELDs Regulation

NPPC: Livestock Haulers Get Waiver From ELDs Regulation

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 20, 2017 – The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has granted drivers who haul livestock a 90-day waiver from a regulation that could have negative effects on animal well-being, a move hailed by the National Pork Producers Council.

NPPC requested on behalf of the U.S. pork industry and other livestock sectors a waiver from a requirement that certain drivers install Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) on their trucks. The organization also asked for an exemption from the regulation, citing the incompatibility between transporting livestock and DOT’s Hours of Service rules. Those regulations limit truckers to 11 hours of driving daily, after 10 consecutive hours off duty, and restrict their on-duty time to 14 consecutive hours, which includes nondriving time.

“The ELDs regulation poses some serious challenges for livestock haulers and the animals in their care,” said NPPC President Ken Maschhoff, a pork producer from Carlyle, Ill. “This waiver will give the department time to consider our request that truckers transporting hogs, cattle and other livestock be exempt from the ELDs mandate. Continue reading

11-20-17 CPW News: Cooperative project protects Gunnison sage-grouse habitat in western Colorado

More than 500 acres of Gunnison sage-grouse habitat was was recently protected for Gunnison sage-grouse habitat.

CPW News: Cooperative project protects Gunnison sage-grouse habitat in western Colorado

MONTROSE, Colo. –Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, the Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently completed a collaborative effort to permanently protect 505 acres of property in San Miguel County that provides important habitat for the federally threatened Gunnison sage-grouse.

This prime piece of property was conveyed to CPW to promote ongoing conservation efforts in San Miguel County for the native bird.

“For many years, CPW together with the San Miguel Gunnison sage-grouse Working Group identified this important piece of habitat for the conservation of the bird,” said Renzo DelPiccolo, area wildlife manager for CPW in Montrose. “So when Tri-State worked cooperatively with BLM and the landowner to purchase this key property, we were thrilled.” Continue reading

11-20-17 USDA/NRCS: Farmers Encouraged to “Keep the Stubble” During No-Till November

Farmers Encouraged to “Keep the Stubble” During No-Till November

During a special month-long campaign called “No Till November,” USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging farmers to “keep the stubble” on their harvested crop fields and improve soil health. Continue reading

11-20-17 Inside the BARN with CO Senator Jerry Sonnenberg: YF&R and Water Resources Committees, Odor Lawsuit, CALP & More…

CO Senator Jerry Sonnenberg Dist 1 040715

Inside the BARN with CO Senator Jerry Sonnenberg…

YF&R and Water Resources Committees, Odor Lawsuit, CALP & More…

(BARN Media – Briggsdale, CO) November 20, 2017 – Joining me inside the BARN on the Colorado Ag News Network is CO Senator Jerry Sonnenberg from District 1 discussing several topics including:

  •  Legislator of the Year Award Recognition
  • Young Farmer & Rancher Committee Update
  • Water Resources Committee Update
  • Odor Lawsuit against Great Western Sugar in Ft Morgan
  • CALP Alumni Reunion & 2018 Gov’s Forum on Colorado Agriculture
  • Thanksgiving Wishes
  • & More

To listen to the Interview, click the audio mp3 link below…