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11-02-17 Make Your Plans to Attend the 2018 Commodity Classic


Commodity Classic 2018, A Place for Growers to Collaborate

Commodity Classic offers a great opportunity for growers to come together and collaborate on a variety of issues. It’s also a place for growers to interact with industry professionals on emerging technologies and game-changing innovations that will take their farms to the next level. Watch here to learn why you should make plans to join us February 27 – March 1 in Anaheim for Commodity Classic. Continue reading

11-02-17 Make Plans to Attend the 2018 AFBF Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show in Nashville, TN Jan 5-10

The 99th Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show

Add your voice to the united chorus of the premiere general agriculture organization, and attend the 99th consecutive American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show! Participate in educational workshops to expand your leadership skills, business acumen, impactful policy discussions and more. Celebrate the accomplishments of leaders in agriculture and witness powerful keynote speakers in the general sessions. Explore the IDEAg Trade Show floor to gain a stronger industry network, shop featured products, learn about innovative technologies, and enjoy TED-style talks on the Cultivation Center stage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gather with the agriculture community, and make your impact on the future of the industry.

Reba McEntire Named Farm Bureau Keynote Speaker

Iconic entertainer Reba McEntire is no stranger to agriculture—she grew up in rural Oklahoma on her family’s 8,000 acre ranch. Now, this multi-media mogul and mom is a household name with a successful career that spans across music, television, film, theater and retail.

Reba will join AFBF President Zippy Duvall during the Closing General Session on Monday, January 8, 2018, for a Q&A Keynote touching on her rural roots, family, career, and, of course, country music.

Registration opens October 2, 2017, so mark your calendars for Music City!

Read more about Reba McEntire.

Why Attend?

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11-02-17 AFB Foundation for Agriculture’s 2018 On The Farm Educational Events Announced

AFB Foundation for Agriculture’s 2018 On The Farm Educational Events Announced

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has announced three On The Farm professional development events for educators in 2018. The events are designed for those who work in STEM and health education and have a limited background in agriculture. Applications are now open at http://www.agfoundation.org/on-the-farm.

“If you work as a STEM coordinator, health educator, instructional coach at a school district or teacher educator, this may be a great fit for you,” said Christy Lilja, acting executive director of the Foundation. “On The Farm educational events provide a tremendous learning opportunity for non-formal educators as well, such as those who design learning experiences at museums and events that explore the application of STEM and health concepts in real life,” she added. Continue reading

11-02-17 AFBF Op-Ed: Farmers Applaud Move to Reform Tax Code

AFBF Op-Ed: Farmers Applaud Move to Reform Tax Code

AFBF NEWSROOM– November 2, 2017 – The following may be attributed to American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall:

“Farm Bureau applauds Congress for its progress in reforming the tax code. This new tax plan moves us closer to a tax system that rewards the hard work and entrepreneurship of America’s farm and ranch families.

“Today’s proposal includes expanded, immediate expensing while continuing the business interest deduction important to so many farmers and ranchers. It also provides immediate relief from the estate tax with a repeal to follow in subsequent years. We will be studying the plan to ensure the new rate structure reduces the tax burden of our nation’s farmers and ranchers and gives them the flexibility they need to reinvest in their businesses. Continue reading

11-02-17 NFU Op-Ed: Shift to More Regressive Taxation Would Increase Burden on Family Farmers and Ranchers

NFU Op-Ed: Shift to More Regressive Taxation Would Increase Burden on Family Farmers and Ranchers

WASHINGTON – U.S. House of Representatives leadership today released its blueprint for sweeping tax reform, including significant cuts to individual and corporate tax rates and eventual repeal of the estate tax. The plan is estimated to cost $1.51 trillion over the next decade.

NFU President Roger Johnson

In response to the proposal, National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson released the following statement:

110217 Tax Reform Outline

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11-02-17 CSU Extension: Eastern Colorado Crop Production Conference December 5-6

CSU Ext: Eastern Colorado Crop Production Conference in Ft Morgan Dec 5-6

Colorado State University Extension will offer a continuing education program on Water, Crop Production, Pest Management, Nutrient Management, Weeds, and Soil Management. This program is designed for Crop Producers, Agronomists and Certified Crop Advisors. This two-day crop science technical program will take place at the Country Steak Out in Fort Morgan on December 5-6, 2017.

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11-02-17 History Colorado: Preservation Video Series Examines Historic Barn in Pueblo…

History Colorado’s “Our Places” features the historic and cultural resources that make Colorado unique. The latest video is about the historic Goodnight Barn in Pueblo, which was once an important stopping point in western cattle drives and is now the center of a grassroots community preservation effort. Watch the video…
To learn more about preservation of historical sites and structures in Colorado, as well as more about History Colorado please visit http://www.historycolorado.org/ 

11-02-17 NPPC: U.S. Must Make Commitment To Agricultural Research

U.S. Must Make Commitment To Agricultural Research

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 2, 2017 – The National Pork Producers Council in testimony delivered today urged Congress to renew its commitment to funding agricultural research to help America’s farmers feed a growing world population, improve public health and strengthen U.S. national security by ensuring America’s food security. Continue reading

11-02-17 NMPF Celebrates Industry Collaboration and Innovation at 101st Annual Meeting in California

NMPF Celebrates Industry Collaboration and Innovation at 101st Annual Meeting in California

ANAHEIM, CA – The importance of increased collaboration across the dairy community, defending the good name of dairy foods, and pursuing innovative new marketing strategies were key themes this week here at the National Milk Producers Federation’s 101st annual meeting, where 800 attendees heard from their policy and promotion organizations on how to create more opportunities for the U.S. dairy industry.

Hosted jointly by NMPF, the National Dairy Board and the United Dairy Industry Association, this year’s event was themed “We Are Undeniably Dairy,” building on a campaign launched earlier this year that celebrates dairy’s undeniable goodness in the areas of nutrition, sustainability and community involvement. NMPF’s leaders, in their remarks to members, stressed the need for America’s dairy companies to do more in collaboration with other marketing cooperatives.

“We have to stop looking at other U.S. cooperatives as if we’re competitors,” said NMPF Chairman Randy Mooney in his remarks. “We have to recognize that in a globalized dairy market, our competitors are outside of America’s borders, and we have to work together to fight for a larger share of those markets.” Continue reading

11-02-17 Certified Angus Beef Celebrates 40 Years with “Brand the Barn” Campaign…

Certified Angus Beef Celebrates 40 Years with “Brand the Barn” Campaign…

The Certified Angus Beef  ® brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a big way. How big, you ask? Well, as big as a barn! We are honoring our ranching heritage by painting our logo on not just one farm icon, but 40, and we need your help in finding the best ones.

Does your barn have what it takes?

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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, November 2nd

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, November 2nd

Cruz Outlines Hold on Northey Nomination, Wants RFS Meeting

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz wants the Trump administration to organize a meeting on the Renewable Fuel Standard and is holding up the Bill Northey nomination until the meeting is planned. Cruz has placed a hold on Northey’s nomination as the Department of Agriculture undersecretary for farm production and conservation. Eight other Senators are also seeking a compromise on the RFS to protect refiners from job losses. Politico reports that Northey was a nominee in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Cruz looked for a way to strike back corn state Senators that got the administration to pull back two RFS proposals. Any compromise or changes to the RFS need to be completed before the end of this month, as the deadline for the Environmental Protection Agency to release its final RFS volume requirements.

China Pork Imports to Increase

Rabobank expects China to increase its pork imports through the last few months of the year. A new report by Rabobank suggests a stronger pricing trend, as the major importing countries, including China, will likely maintain steady import growth. China’s pork imports were down 27 percent in the first eight months of this year. Meat industry publication Meatingplace reports China’s import demand has been one area of distortion in global pork markets over the past one to two years, and a diversion in prices for certain cuts has been another, complicating the export picture. Meanwhile, Rabobank reports that U.S. pork production will continue to expand over the remainder of the year. Prices are expected to soften under supply pressure, and strong currencies will put extra pressure on the export business. However, with weaker demand from China offset by stronger demand from Mexico, Rabobank still expects total exports for 2017 to be higher than in 2016.


Senators Urge FCC To Ensure Affordable Rural Broadband Access

A bipartisan group of senators is urging the FCC to ensure access to affordable broadband in rural communities. Led by Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, the group penned a letter the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday asking the FCC to “ensure its commitment to affordable and reliable broadband for consumers in the hardest to reach communities across rural America.” The senators write that a lack of resources to meet our goals is “undermining investment and consumer access to affordable broadband across much of rural America.” The Senators say the High Cost Universal Service Fund budget shortfall is harming rural broadband providers. More than 20 Senators signed the letter to the FCC. The Senators say they believe that the FCC is best positioned to identify a solution to the budget shortfall, and ensure broadband access for rural America.
Voting Begins for 2017 FSA County Committee Elections

Agricultural producers will receive ballots next week to vote for 2017 Farm Service Agency county committee elections. The Department of Agriculture announced the ballots were being sent to farmers this week. To ensure their votes are counted, producers must return ballots to their local FSA offices by December 4th, 2017. USDA says nearly 7,700 FSA county committee members serve FSA offices nationwide. Each committee has three to 11 elected members who serve three-year terms of office. One-third of county committee seats are up for election each year. County committee members, USDA says, help FSA make important decisions on its commodity support programs, conservation programs, indemnity and disaster programs, and emergency programs and eligibility. Committee members elected will take their post at the start of 2018. USDA is asking farmers and ranchers to contact their local FSA office for more information.

FMC Closes Transaction with DuPont

FMC Corporation Wednesday announced it has completed the closing of its two pending transactions with DuPont. The two companies signed an agreement back in March and now say all necessary conditions and approvals are completed. FMC has acquired the portion of DuPont’s Crop Protection business it had to divest to comply with the European Commission ruling related to its merger with The Dow Chemical Company, which was completed in August, to form DowDuPont. Additionally, FMC has completed the sale of FMC Health and Nutrition to DuPont. The close of the transaction means FMC has acquired DuPont’s global chewing pest insecticide portfolio, its global cereal broadleaf herbicides, and a substantial portion of DuPont’s global crop protection research and development capabilities. The transaction makes FMC Agricultural Solutions the fifth largest crop protection chemical company in the world by revenue, with estimated annual revenue of approximately $3.8 billion.

Kansas Country Seeking Tyson Facility

Sedgwick (saidj-wick) County Kansas is attempting to persuade Tyson Foods into building a proposed $320 million chicken complex in the Wichita, Kansas, area. A letter by the county commissioners says the county is “ready to collaborate” on a partnership with Tyson, according to the Wichita Eagle newspaper. The letter touted the county’s land mass, transportation system and agricultural framework to support the Tyson facilities. Also signed by the county manager and assistant Wichita city manager, the letter reportedly was sent about one month before a community meeting was held to discuss the project and potential concerns. Other Kansas counties mentioned to be in the running are Cloud and Montgomery counties, after Leavenworth County rescinded plans for $500 million in revenue bonds to support building the plant.

SOURCE: NAFB News Service