09-18-17 USCA Hosts 2017 Cattle Producer’s Forum in Billings, Montana

USCA Hosts 2017 Cattle Producer’s Forum in Billings, Montana 

(BILLINGS) – The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) concluded its second annual 2017 Cattle Producer’s Forum at the Big Horn Resort in Billings, Montana on Saturday. The event, co-hosted by the Intertribal Agriculture Council, Montana Stockgrowers Association, Montana Cattlemen’s Association, Montana Farmers Union, Beartooth Stockgrowers and Bitterroot Stockgrowers drew over 250 cattle producers and industry representatives from across the countryside.

Participants heard from agricultural leaders on topics ranging from Trade Under the New Administration, Cattle Market Update, How Producers Can Capitalize on a Changing Industry and much more. The Forum also served as hot to a unique discussion on Sustainable Antibiotic Use in Livestock with The Pew Charitable Trusts and Elanco Animal Health; and Behind the Retail Counter with the Senior Vice President of Beef Margin Management of Tyson Foods. National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson gave the keynote address, focused on the next generation of agriculture.

Following a full day of panel discussions and workshops, attendees kicked up their boots at local steakhouse, The Windmill, with a live band, auction, dinner and whiskey tastings byTrailhead Spirits. The “Producer’s Night Out” was made possible by Yellowstone County Implement.

“USCA would like to thank all of the Forum Co-Hosts, sponsors, attendees and speakers – without their support, none of this would be possible,” stated USCA’s new Executive Vice President Kelly Fogarty. “We designed the Cattle Producer’s Forum as a platform with which to have dynamic conversations on the future of the U.S. cattle industry. We’re focused on the road ahead for U.S. cattle producers and creating a venue where we can have constructive conversations on these issues is critical.

All of the topics discussed today affect producers’ bottom lines.  From trade to markets to diversifying your portfolio, no issue was left untouched at the Forum and attendees left the meeting having gained a broader perspective on the number of factors impacting their industry. We look forward to hosting the Cattle Producer’s Forum again in Billings, Montana in 2018.”

For livestream recordings, pictures and other recap of the 2017 Cattle Producer’s Forum, please visit the United States Cattlemen’s Association Facebook page. 

Established in March 2007, USCA is committed to enhancing and expanding the cattle industry’s voice on Capitol Hill.  USCA has a full-time presence in Washington, giving cattle producers across the country a strong influence on policy development.  For more information go to www.uscattlemen.org.