08-03-17 SRM’s 2018 Annual Meeting: Abstract Submission OPEN Aug. 1st

Submission of Titles and Abstracts for Technical Oral Sessions and Poster Presentations

Submission of Titles and Abstracts for ‘Technical Oral Sessions (20 minutes)’ and ‘Poster Presentations’ will open on August 1, 2017. Abstract submission will occur at http://srm.apexabstracts.com. Abstracts are limited to 300 words. The submission period will remain open through September 22, 2017, with the goal of having the program finalized about November 1, 2017. 

Submissions of abstracts for Symposia, Workshops and Forums will open when the planning committee completes the processing of proposals for those sessions, and the organizers of each venue have selected their presenters.

For those submitting abstracts for ‘Posters’ and ‘Technical Sessions’ go to the abstract submission page referenced above and follow the directions in the left-hand column. There are specific instructions for those who submitted an abstract last year, and for those who did not. On occasion, during the login process you may receive a “Login failure” message. This appears to occur randomly but reentering your email and password a second time appears to solve the problem.

Once you have logged in and created/updated your profile, click on ‘My Titles and Abstracts’ (under Home in column on left side of the page). You will have the option to submit a new abstract (top button) or work on an existing abstract.

After typing in the title of your presentation, select the type as ‘Poster’ or ‘Technical Session: Oral’. Then select the ‘Section Choice’. You must select one of the options for all three choices. For ‘Poster’ presentations, this will result in each choice being ‘Poster’. You must submit information for all fields except ‘Comments’ to be able to successfully save and submit your abstract submission.

We will make every attempt to place your presentation in your first section choice; however, we cannot guarantee this outcome. Depending upon the number of submissions, the specific topic areas addressed in submissions, and room availability, ‘Section’ topics may increase or decrease accordingly.

For any questions related to abstract submission please contact Brad Schultz by email at schultzb@unce.unr.edu or phone at 775-623-6304.