07-17-17 CO Corn CEO stresses corn’s place in governor’s new commitments to renewable, affordable energy

CO Corn CEO stresses corn’s place in governor’s new commitments to renewable, affordable energy

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper on Tuesdaysigned an executive order committing the state to actions aimed at clean air and water through “renewable” and “affordable energy.” In the following days, Colorado Corn CEO Mark Sponsler wrote an op-ed that highlighted how farmers,
corn and ethanol have long played a role in the state’s environmental progress, and that they’re committed to doing their part in the future as well.
“It will no doubt take a wide array of resources and strategies to achieve the clean air and water initiatives outlined by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s recent executive order,” Mark wrote. “Thankfully, the state’s grain corn farmers and biofuels industry are already making a difference, and are proud to be a part of the efforts needed to achieve Hickenlooper’s vision of Colorado utilizing ‘renewable’ and ‘affordable energy.'” 

Mark went on to explain the many benefits that ethanol brings to the table in regards to clean air; the environmental benefits from various other uses for corn; how local farmers are doing their part by making progress in their land and water stewardship efforts; and how the crop itself plays a role.
You can read Mark’s full op-ed at our website. You can also read more about Hickenlooper’s environmental objectives and committing Colorado to joining the U.S. Climate Alliance at the governor’s website. There are also recordings from the news conference, thanks to BARN Media, who produced a second segment on the topic.