07-06-17 Get Ready for Steamboat Springs for the Colorado Water Congress 2017 Summer Conference…

Get Ready for Steamboat Springs for the Colorado Water Congress 2017 Summer Conference…

The location for the 2017 Colorado Water Congress Summer Conference has been moved to the Steamboat Grand and the date up a day to Tuesday, August 22 to Thursday, August 24.

This sudden change is due to substantial construction delays at the Hotel Talisa in Vail.

Room Reservations
If you have made room reservations at the Hotel Talisa, there is no need for you to act. The Hotel Talisa is cancelling your room reservations and will ensure you are not charged.

The Steamboat Grand is ready to take reservations in our new room block. Click HERE for reservations.

Conference Format
The general flow of the conference will be about the same as the last few years, with the major exception that the Interim Water Resources Review Committee will meet in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 23.

The theme for our conference is Setting Priorities.  Both the Colorado Legislature and the Colorado Water Congress are spending time this summer to select the water issues that need attention right now.  The Interim Water Resources Review Committee will discuss its priorities for the Colorado Water Plan.  The primary focus of their meeting is to get perspectives from the Colorado water community on next steps for implementing the Plan.

In mid-July, we will survey members to identify the range of key water issues that you believe are most important for the Colorado Water Congress. We will then discuss those key issues during the Theater Sessions at the Summer Conference.

At the Summer Conference, we will have:

  • 13 workshops on Tuesday morning
  • 6 interactive theater sessions on key water issues on Tuesday afternoon
  • A range of POND networking activities on Wednesday afternoon
  • The Induction Ceremony for the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Water Buffalo on Wednesday evening
  • An interactive session with Congressman Scott Tipton early Thursday morning.

We apologize for the difficulty this change in venue may create in your summer schedule. Please let us know how we can help make this change of circumstances as easy as possible for you.

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Colorado Water Congress Mission: The mission of the Colorado Water Congress is to initiate and advance programs for the conservation, development, administration, and protection of the water resources of the State of Colorado.