07-03-17 CCWCD Board Increases Quotas

CCWCD Board Increases Quotas 

After seven years of zero pumping, and additional years of minimal pumping, groundwater wells in the Well Augmentation Subdistrict (WAS) of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District (CCWCD) have been issued a record-breaking quota set by the Board of Directors at the June 20th board meeting. These are the same wells that were completely curtailed in May 2006 by Court Decree.

The CCWCD Board increased the initial April quota of 55% and approved WAS members to pump at a 60% quota, while the members of the Groundwater Management Subdistrict (GMS) may pump at a 57.5% quota, an increase of 2.5%.  The additional GMS quota is another record breaker for the subdistrict that has also struggled to get above a 50% quota since 2005.

Winter snowpack reports showed the South Platte Basin at well over 100%. That snowpack diminished early, but heavy rainfall and additional snowpack this spring quickly filled rivers and reservoirs. Staff presented June water storage numbers for the CCWCD Board to review, which indicated ten CCWCD controlled reservoirs at 92% to 100% full – a volume of nearly 8,000 acre-feet. Diversions to CCWCD groundwater recharge projects from January 2017 to early June total 5,932 acre-feet. The combined storage and recharge along with good weather patterns helped to set up this success story.

CCWCD’s two subdistricts provide augmentation water for groundwater wells in parts of Adams, Morgan and Weld counties. Augmentation plans provide replacement water in order for well owners to pump without injury to more senior water right holders. Well owners pay an annual assessment to belong to the augmentation plans.

CCWCD was created in 1965 with the purpose to develop water storage and conveyances that conserve, stabilize and acquire water for residential, agricultural irrigation, power generation, manufacturing and other beneficial purposes.

CCWCD will continue investing in water rights and storage to benefit our local economy, preserve family farms and our great quality of life.

The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District was formed to develop, manage and protect water resources in northeast Colorado.

Our mission is: “To develop, promote, and implement water
conservation, augmentation, and management
strategies to protect water resources for the benefit
of the citizens of the District and its Subdistricts.”