06-30-17 Lincoln Community Hospital Celebrates with SB17-267 Sponsors

(From Left to Right) Lincoln Community Hospital CEO Kevin Stansbury, Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, Rep. Kimmi Lewis, Rep. Jon Becker, Sen. Lucia Guzman, Sen. Irene Aguilar, Sen. Larry Crowder, and CHA CEO Steven Summer.

Lincoln Community Hospital Celebrates with SB17-267 Sponsors

Denver, CO — Joining hospital administrators, staffers, and other stakeholders, three out of the four members of the bipartisan team that shepherded the crucial Hospital Provider Fee (HPF) bill through the legislature and to the Governor’s desk celebrated its passage this afternoon at Lincoln Community Hospital in Hugo.

Senate Bill 17-267, also known as the “Sustainability of Rural Colorado” Act, was the most talked-about bill of the 2017 legislative session. With this year’s tough budget, the Joint Budget Committee concluded over $500 million in cuts to hospitals had to be made in order to pass a balanced budget. To prevent these cuts, legislative action to move the HPF into an enterprise fund needed to happen. 

Similar action had been attempted two sessions prior, with the HPF bills dying in committee on party-line votes by Republican State Senators. This year however, Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman, D-Denver, Senate President Pro Tem Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, House Majority Leader K.C. Becker, D-Boulder, and State Representative Jon Becker, R-Fort Morgan, came together to work on a compromise bill that would not only move the HPF into an enterprise fund, but would also provide some funding for education and transportation in rural Colorado.

Had the bill not passed, hospitals across the state would have faced millions of dollars in serious cuts that would have likely led to the cutting of services and the loss of jobs. While hospitals in the urban areas may have likely survived, these cuts would have been catastrophic for hospitals in rural areas, like Lincoln Community Hospital in Hugo.

“For rural communities like Hugo, the local hospital is not only the largest employer in the area and its greatest economic driver, but it is the only place for miles people can get emergency medical care. Had we in the General Assembly not come together to get this bill passed and signed into law, jobs would have been lost, services would have been cut, and hospitals may very well have closed. Without this bill, it would have been catastrophic for these hardworking communities. With this bill however, we have protected hospitals from deep cuts, and have also provided some funding opportunities for schools and transportation in the rural areas as well,” said Senator Guzman.

Ultimately, the bill passed with bipartisan support, with a vote of 25-10 in the Senate and 49-16 in the House. It was signed into law by the Governor on May 30, 2017. At today’s celebration, Lincoln Community Hospital CEO Kevin Stansbury, and the Colorado Hospital Association’s Steven Summer and Aly Schmidt thanked the sponsors of SB267 for rising above party politics, and working across the aisle to work together on this important bill.

“This was one of the most important bills I have ever worked on, and it is so uplifting and gratifying to be celebrating its signing into law with the hospitals and my colleagues here today in Hugo. Too often, rural Colorado is left behind, and this year, the General Assembly delivered on its promise to stand up for these communities. Democrats and Republicans came together to solve this problem, and it is my sincere hope that Democrats and Republicans continue to work together on critical economic issues that lie ahead for our state,” Senator Guzman continued.

Two invited speakers, House Majority Leader K.C. Becker and Henry Sobanet, Governor Hickenlooper’s Budget Director who played a major role in the SB267 discussions, were unable to attend.

If you were unable to attend:
Brian Allmer of BARN media provided a live streaming of the event. You can watch the the webcast archive online @  https://livestream.com/BarnMedia/SB17-267Celebration

CLICK HERE to watch LIVE starting @ 2:00pm MST on June 30th from Hugo, CO

The Hospital posted these “Welcome SB 267 Champions” signs along I-70 near the hospital, and right outside the outside patio where the party was held.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! This sign greeted guests at the front of Lincoln Community Hospital, commemorating SB267.

SB267 Senate sponsors Guzman and Sonnenberg share a hug before the party begins!

Lincoln Community Hospital CEO Kevin Stansbury addresses the crowd.

Lincoln Community Hospital employees and other party goers signed framed copies of SB267 with thank you notes.

Colorado Hospitals Association (CHA) CEO Steve Summer, and CHA Advocate Aly Schmidt address the crowd, stressing the importance of SB267.

Allie Schmidt

SB267 sponsors Sonnenberg, Guzman, and Jon Becker all spoke.

Three of the four sponsors of SB267, Senators Guzman and Sonnenberg and Representative J. Becker, listen on to speakers at today’s event in Hugo.

Senator Larry Crowder

Senator Irene Aguilar

Representative Kimmi Lewis

LCH SB 17-267 Celebratory Cake