06-20-17 Doud Nominated to be Chief Agricultural Negotiator


Doud Nominated to be Chief Agricultural Negotiator

(WASHINGTON) – On Friday, President Donald J. Trump announced his intention to nominate Gregg Doud as the Administration’s chief agricultural negotiator under the U.S. Trade Representative.

USCA President Kenny Graner issued this statement following the announcement:
“USCA welcomes the nomination of Gregg Doud to the position of Chief Agricultural Negotiator. As the current president of the Commodity Markets Council, a former senior aide to Chairman Pat Roberts, and a Kansas wheat farmer, Gregg understands the complexities of agricultural trade on a global level and will serve as a valuable asset to U.S. cattle producers at the negotiating table.

USCA has enjoyed its working relationship with Gregg during his tenure on Capitol Hill and looks forward to a quick Senate confirmation process for his nomination.”

Established in March 2007, USCA is committed to concentrating its efforts in Washington, D.C. to enhance and expand the cattle industry’s voice on Capitol Hill.  USCA has a full-time presence in Washington, giving cattle producers across the country a strong influence on policy development.  For more information go to www.uscattlemen.org