06-19-17 Western Dairy Films Recipe Videos with Chef Jason Morse

Western Dairy Films Recipe Videos with Chef Jason Morse

Recently, Western Dairy filmed recipe and how-to videos with Chef Jason Morse. Consumers respect the opinions of chefs, so working with them to promote dairy foods and show consumers how to use dairy while cooking is a great way to showcase these products. When food recommendations come from a trusted source, like a chef, consumers feel more confident in choosing those recommended dairy products for their own kitchens.

Chef Jason filmed a how-to video on making your own yogurt. You can use a crock pot or the oven, but Chef Jason chose to use a thermos and gave suggestions for flavoring the yogurt as well.

Mozzarella was also on Chef Jason’s mind! He also filmed a how-to video of making your own mozzarella. He started with mozzarella curd and pulled it to make fresh mozzarella cheese, which he then used to make a mozzarella, tomato and cucumber salad. This recipe is sure to be a hit with consumers!

Click here to watch the videos.