06-19-17 WDA News: RD and Chef Farm Tours Continue to Strengthen Dairy’s Image with Thought Leaders

RD and Chef Farm Tours Continue to Strengthen Dairy’s Image with Thought Leaders

Taking influential groups of people on farm tours continues to build strong dairy advocates and show those who have significant roles in their communities the important role dairy and dairy farming plays in their lives. When these thought leaders understand dairy farmers and begin to help us tell dairy’s story, it leaves a lasting impression on the consumers that trust them.
One group of people who have proven themselves to be valuable dairy advocates are Registered Dietitians. Last week, as part of the Montana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference in Billings, Mont., Western Dairy was proud to facilitate a group of RDs on a tour of Mountainview Colony Dairy Farm, where the group had lively discussions around animal care, environmental stewardship and dairy nutrition.

Another group that plays a big role in the food world, are of course, chefs. So this week, Western Dairy took a group of chefs from the American Culinary Federation Colorado Chefs Association on a tour of the Royal Crest Dairy processing facility and Blue Sky Dairy Farm. The chefs got to see the entire story of dairy from farm to table. These chefs can now answer consumer questions about dairy farming and dairy foods, and the first-hand experience gives them even more reason to support our dairy farm families by showing consumers how to incorporate dairy foods in their own kitchens!