06-19-17 WDA News: Day on the Dairy Teaches Hundreds of Consumers about Dairy…

Day on the Dairy Teaches Hundreds of Consumers about Dairy

Western Dairy is thrilled to report our Day on the Dairy event at Mountain View Farm was a success. Over 700 consumers came to learn about dairy farming – and each one left with new understanding of where their milk and dairy foods come from. Attendees visited stations across the dairy where they learned about each part of the farm, including the milking parlor, maternity pen, free stall barns, dry lot, commodity bunk and calves. Most visitors even had the opportunity to witness calves being born, which one consumer described as “life-changing.” Visitors also received free pizza from Domino’s (who donated over 100 pizzas), Noosa Yoghurt and Scrumptious Ice Cream.

With Colorado being a hot spot for animal rights activists, we knew there would be a chance for extremist activity and diligently worked ahead of the event on a plan to handle any situation. Our planning paid off when three carloads of activists showed up to protest and off-duty Larimer County sheriff’s deputies helped escort them off the property. They did not return and the rest of the day was uneventful.

We would like to thank Shelly Dickinson and her family for opening their farm up to consumers – and congratulate them on their 100th year of dairy farming. They were gracious hosts and did a great job telling and showing dairy’s great story!