06-07-17 USDA/NRCS webinar: Improving soil health on urban farms, June 13

USDA/NRCS webinar: Improving soil health on urban farms, June 13

Minor Morgan of North Valley Organics discusses and displays how he and his family apply the basic principles of soil health on their certified organic farm near Albuquerque, New Mexico. A photo-tour of his farm will highlight:

  • Soil health improvement,
  • Habitat for pollinators and wildlife,
  • Farm infrastructure development,
  • Pest and weed management,
  • Soil nutrient management, and
  • Water management

The webinar includes a list of practices that may qualify for cost-sharing from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Webinar participants can earn education credits for certified crop advising and conservation planning.

This webinar, sponsored by NRCS, is scheduled for June 13, 2017, at 2 p.m., Eastern. Connect to the webinar athttp://www.conservationwebinars.net/adobe-connect-webinar-access-instructions. Audio is computer broadcast only. Pre-registration is not required.

For more information about this webinar, contact Holli Kuykendall, NRCS National Technology Specialist, onholli.kuykendall@gnb.usda.gov. Or visit the webinar’s webpage at http://www.conservationwebinars.net/webinars/improving-soil-health-on-urban-farms/webinar_view