06-01-17 Weld Clerk and Recorder is happy to announce Diesel owners can renew online

Weld Clerk and Recorder is happy to announce Diesel owners can renew online

Carly Koppes Weld Clerk and Recorder

Weld County Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes is very pleased to announce Weld County Diesel vehicle owners can renew online.

“Having the ability for diesel vehicle owners to renew like all other vehicles have been something I have been asking the state about since I took office in 2015.”

As of June 1, 2017, The Department of Revenue, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, the Statewide Internet Portal Authority and Colorado Interactive, have recently completed system upgrades that will allow diesel vehicles requiring an emissions test and that have a passing emissions inspection to renew online.

Koppes stated this was one of the things she told residents of Weld County she would work on when she was running for the office in 2014, “having this finally come to fruition is an exciting day for Weld County, every time I called the Emissions Program
they knew what I was calling about.” In Weld County, there is a total of 49,675 diesel vehicles registered at the end of April. Koppes hopes with this improvement made by the state the office will continue to see more residents use
the online renewal process.

Online renewals are completed at www.colorado.gov/renewplates.