05-25-17 WGCD: Don’t Miss the CSFS Nursery Tour on June 30th

WGCD: Don’t Miss the CSFS Nursery Tour on June 30th

Greeley, Colo.- – – The West Greeley Conservation District (WGCD) will host a free nursery tour for district stakeholders who are interested in learning more about the growth and production of the low-cost seedlings offered annually during their conservation seedling tree sale. WGCD Conservation Technician, Liz Schneider will meet attendees at the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery (CSFSN), at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 30. The tour group will meet inside the gates of the CSU Foothills Campus at 3843 LaPorte Ave. in Building 1060, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

Wear good walking shoes, bring a water bottle, hat, and your camera so you can be comfortable while exploring their 18,000-square foot greenhouse, please allow a couple hours. You will see a variety of species you can order, during the Conservation District’s five-month tree sale, which occurs from November through March. The tour will give you a chance to examine the production process of the different tree varieties available from their nursery inventory to determine the best trees to use for your wind break to help prevent soil erosion. These include: Ponderosa, Austrian Pines, Colorado Blue Spruce, Rocky Mountain Junipers, and Eastern Redcedar.

You can also explore their selection of Lilacs, Wild Rose, Native Plum, Chokecherry, and Nanking Cherry shrubs which are recommended for the shrub row when designing a wind break.  The nursery also produces native Colorado perennials that will attract an assortment of pollinator species.

This will be an interesting, educational experience for participants, so please be sure to register before noon on Wednesday, June 28 by calling the District office at 970.356.8097 x: 3 or email Liz.Schneider@wgcd.org. The tour is open to the first 20 adults who reserve a slot. Liz is happy to answer any questions you have about the tour.

For more information about the WGCD annual reduced-cost seedling conservation tree sale to help land owners with wildlife habitats, reforestation and windbreaks you can visit: www.wgcd.org. You can also visit www.csfs.colostate.edu/tour-the-nursery/colostate for more insight into the workings of the CSFS Nursery.

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