05-23-17 Come “Learn, Lead & Laugh” this July in Bailey, CO at Camp RMFU…

Come “Learn, Lead & Laugh” this July in Bailey, CO at Camp RMFU…

Looking for a great opportunity for your kids ages 7-18? It’s all here at our RMFU Cooperative Leadership Camps! Our camps are traditional in the sense that we do hiking, crafts, cooperative games, and more, but where we stand apart is that we try to send the campers home with some type of new found knowledge that they might not necessarily learn about in school or through other venues. Then at the end of camp we go on a field trip to give hands-on experience incorporating the theme. But more importantly to the kids, is that we allow them to be kids for a few days—with silly skits and crazy games!

RMFU’s 2017 Cooperative Leadership Camps will be in Bailey, Colo., at the Farmers Union Education Center.

To learn more, go to RMFU Camps or email Jennifer.bahr@rmfu.org

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