05-22-17 Inside the BARN with Northern Water’s Brian Werner: WGFP Final Approval and more…

(The BARN – Briggsdale, CO) May 22, 2017 – After 14 years, the Windy Gap Firming Project received FINAL APPROVAL from the US Army Corps of Engineers.   The WGFP is an effort by Northern Water’s Municipal Subdistrict to construct a 90,000 acre-foot reservoir at Chimney Hollow just west of Carter Lake and near Berthoud, CO. The project’s formal environmental permitting process began in October 2003, although the initial development of the WGFP began in the mid-1990s.

Brian Werner, Communications and Records Manager with Northern Water in Berthoud, CO discussed several topics within the interview including:

  • Chimney Hollow Reservoir Final Approval
  • What’s next and timelines for construction & completion
  • Glade Reservoir Update
  • Recapping CO Legislative Session from Northern Water’s Perspective
  • and more


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