05-11-17 DEADLINE: Make sure you’re counted in the Ag Census – Signup by June 30th!

Every five years, America’s farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to represent ourselves, our farms, and our communities by taking part in USDA’s Census of Agriculture—and 2017 is a census year!

For farmers and ranchers, especially young and beginning farmers and ranchers, participation in the 2017 Ag Census is a critical opportunity to shape American agriculture for years to come. The Ag Census is the only source of uniform, comprehensive, and impartial agriculture data for every county in the nation. NYFC relies on this data to advocate for you and for policies, services, and programs that support young farmers!

Please sign up to take the 2017 Census of Agriculture. Make sure you’re counted! 

If you’re new to farming or did not receive a Census of Agriculture in 2012, you MUST SIGN UP BY JUNE 30th in order to complete the 2017 Census. 

NASS defines a farm as “any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the census year (2017).” To sign up, click the button below.

The census report form will not be mailed out until December 2017, but in order to receive it you MUST SIGN UP BY JUNE 30th