05-04-17 Plains Conservation Center and Savory Institute Join Forces to Connect Local Conservation Site to Global Grasslands Mission

Plains Conservation Center and Savory Institute Join Forces to Connect Local Conservation Site to Global Grasslands Mission

BOULDER (May 04, 2017) – Two Colorado-based non-profit organizations, Plains Conservation Center (PCC) and Savory Institute (SI), are joining forces to utilize the state’s front range to support the design of a global model for regenerating endangered grasslands.

The Savory Institute and its global network of accredited hubs and educators, facilitates the large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management. Developed in the 1960’s by founder Allan Savory, Holistic Management is a decision-making framework that allows land and livestock managers to optimize environmental, economic, and social returns through careful planning that honors symbiotic relationships in an ecosystem. The driving force and thought leader behind regenerative agriculture’s emergence onto the global stage, SI has influenced over 18.5 million acres of land globally through its hubs and through strategic partnerships with The Nature Conservancy, Heifer International, and HRH The Prince of Wales.

PCC was formed nearly 70 years ago as the West Arapahoe Conservation District with a mission to protect grasslands in Arapahoe County and provide agricultural and environmental education.  Since the late 2000’s, PCC has been managing a unique 9,000-acre grassland site along the West Bijou creek, just south of Strasburg, Colo.

With many years of hands-on grasslands management expertise, and its global strategy for grasslands regeneration through locally led and managed efforts, SI will be entrusted with the stewardship and long-term conservation of the West Bijou site. The ranch will become Savory’s flagship demonstration and training site for Holistic Management and will join a growing roster of demonstration sites around the world.

“Savory Institute is delighted and honored to steward this incredible piece of the shortgrass prairie,” said Daniela Howell, CEO and co-founder of SI. “This site will serve as an incubator of solutions, ideas and scientific findings that we can share with our global network to accelerate the regeneration of grasslands worldwide. PCC’s legacy to Colorado will also live on as urban and rural communities connect here through recreation, food, learning, and meaningful engagement,” she noted.

Jason Chan, board chair of PCC said, “This collaboration is a game changer for our mission – it ensures the ongoing conservation of this historic site and connects the great work we have been doing with partners in Colorado to a global community of peers, resources and expertise.”

The efforts at West Bijou will continue under SI, headquartered in Boulder, Colo.

Through an ongoing partnership between the City of Aurora and the Denver Botanic Gardens, PCC‘s environmental educational programs for over 12,000 school children per year will continue at the city’s separate, 1,100-acre educational facility in Aurora, Colo. For information about education programs visithttps://www.botanicgardens.org/education/schools-teachers/plains-conservation-center, or contact Julie Blue by email at julie.blue@botanicgardens.org.

About the Savory Institute

The Savory Institute facilitates large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management. The Institute develops innovative tools and enhanced curricula, informs policy, establishes market incentives, increases public awareness, and coordinates relevant research, cultivating relationships with aligned partners. The Savory Institute is partnering with organizations worldwide to create a global network of 100 Savory Institute affiliated hubs by 2025. Additional news and information about the organization is available at http://savory.global, and Facebook.

About the Plains Conservation Center

For more information, contact Jason T. Chan, board chair at (303) 598-1790 or by email at Jtchan13@gmail.com.