05-04-17 CAB: Angus Value Discovery Contest

Angus Value Discovery Contest

While cattle genetics keep improving, no national carcass challenge has tracked that since 2012—until now. The Angus Value Discovery Contest began this spring as a means of carcass data collection and friendly competition for commercial Angus producers, nominated by their seedstock or genetics providers. Artificial insemination (AI) companies and registered Angus breeders are nominating customers to enroll groups of at least 30 calves.

Commercial cow-calf operators who use registered Angus bulls and those who feed the high-quality progeny are discussing enrollment with seedstock suppliers or AI company reps. That’s according to Kara Lee, production brand manager for the cosponsoring Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand.

Customers who buy and use the best bulls, feed the progeny and report results could win a share of nearly $5,000 in a contest that builds relationships along with better herds, she says. Genetics providers contribute 25% of prize value in credit if their nominee wins Grand or Reserve Champion pen, and CAB pays the rest.

Qualifying groups of 30 or more must be at least 75% sired by registered Angus bulls, harvested by July 31st  at a CAB-licensed packer and close-outs submitted by August 15th, or they fit into the next year’s contest. Scoring is based on a combination of carcass merit and feedyard performance. Nominators of at least five entries can form a division with winnings noted, and of course those nominators can add their own incentives.

For more details, visit CABpartners.com, contact Kara Lee at Klee@certifiedangusbeef.com or call 330-345-2333.

Launched in 1978 and owned by nearly 25,000 American Angus Association members, CAB is the largest brand of fresh beef in the world. Learn more about the brand at www.certifiedangusbeef.com, or access producer resources at www.cabpartners.com.